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Anchorage selects CH2M HILL to review city services

 DENVER — The municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, selected CH2M HILL to improve the service and cost efficiency of its core services including fleets, public works, parks and recreation, facilities, and emergency services. The consulting contract involves more than 1,000 municipal vehicles including police and fire vehicles and heavy equipment for road maintenance, facility maintenance on the city’s 164 buildings and 211 parks, and public works with design, engineering, and management of roads and drains. CH2M HILL will identify essential functions and recommend ways the city can streamline operations and maintenance to save money while still providing quality services.

According to Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan, CH2M HILL was selected based on its experience working with city governments across the country. “We’ve been talking for years about transforming the city’s internal structure to become more efficient,” Sullivan said in a recent edition of the municipality’s newsletter. “Working with an outside organization with a stellar reputation like CH2M HILL allows us to take an impartial view of how we can further streamline our operations and become even more efficient in how we deliver service. I am confident that the contractor’s recommendations will provide a roadmap for delivering the same excellent service with substantial savings to the taxpayer.”

CH2M HILL will submit its recommendation within the next few months.

“We are looking forward to partnering with the municipality of Anchorage to help identify some cost-saving asset management strategies that will help with efficiencies now and life-cycle savings in the long run,” said Elisa M. Speranza, president of CH2M HILL’s Operations & Maintenance Business Group. “In these tough economic times, cities everywhere are trying to maintain critical infrastructure services in the most efficient manner possible.”