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An Entrepreneurial Spirit and Community Focus Make Casper, Wyoming an Emerging Place to do Business

Technology and Innovation Combine to Create an Inspiring Destination for Businesses to Relocate

Casper, Wyoming (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2019, Wyoming was rated the #16 state for people to relocate, with 55.3 percent of moves being inbound. Combine that with the affordability of registering a businesses, no individual income tax and economical living and it may come as no surprise that Wyoming is a welcoming location for business, from entrepreneurs to companies looking to relocate and employees who have the flexibility to work from home.

While Casper has seen a few new businesses lay down roots in the Oil City lately, FCR—the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions—recently announced it was expanding its operations to Casper, Wyoming, along with 200 new jobs, all of which are work from home (WFH) positions.

“When we were looking at where to expand our business, we were searching for a place that aligned with our company culture that would also complement our current operating locations,” said Katheryn Carnahan, Chief Operating Officer for FCR. “Casper is that place and we look forward to utilizing the talents of this community and its residents.”

FCR joins other companies that call Casper home, including Flowstate, a technology innovation company that was founded in 2019 that offers high-tech solutions to companies in the global pipeline industry.  While it may seem out of place in a state known more for its wide-open spaces and wildlife than its access to technology, Flowstate is right at home in Casper, Wyoming.

“When it comes to innovation, there are no borders,” said Jerad Stack, CEO and co-founder of Flowstate. “Technology exists everywhere and while we can work from anywhere in the world, we choose Casper for its entrepreneurial spirit and a community that offers the best quality of life for us and our employees.”

In Wyoming, diversifying the economy has long been at the forefront and was a major focus of former Wyoming Governor Matt Mead (2011 – 2019). With that focus in mind, several companies have been involved in the Casper Start-Up Challenge, an annual event where entrepreneurs looking for help can apply and pitch their business ideas.

Each year, the event awards funds to help grow start-up businesses, with Casper seeing a boom in companies and individuals who are striving to bring new innovations to fruition. A few of note: Symmetry Trailers (adaptable trailers ideal for the outdoors), Piggyback Cocktails (signature cocktails in a can) and NevRA (an app that connects outdoor motorsports enthusiasts to adventure together).

“Casper is a place that fuels innovation,” said Amber Pollock, co-owner of Backwards Distilling Company and one of the partners behind Piggyback Cocktails. “It’s a place that inspires you and lets you face challenges head-on, while also aligning you with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to build a business and have an incredible quality of life outside of work.”

And while it wasn’t part of the Casper Start-Up Challenge, this spirit of entrepreneurship also correlated with Flowstate’s desire to be in Casper.

“There’s a burst of entrepreneurship in Casper and we want to be part of it,” said Stack.

To help serve as a resource for potential new residents and businesses, several private and public partners launched Choose Casper (ChooseCPR.com), a site dedicated to helping people learn about Casper, with information on schools, real estate, cost of living, recreation offerings and the community. It also connects interested parties with local ambassadors who share what it’s like to live, work and play in Casper.

“Casper is a small city with a mountain town spirit,” said Justin Farley, spokesperson for Choose Casper and CEO/President of Advance Casper. “For businesses that are ready to relocate to a place that is thriving and welcoming technological advancements to individuals who want to raise their families in a place with cultural amenities in the middle of wide-open spaces, Casper is ready to welcome you.”

Choose Casper is a partnership between Advance Casper, Flowstate and True Companies, the Economic Development Joint Powers Board and Visit Casper.

Learn more about Choose Casper, and see the website, at ChooseCPR.com.