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American Shotcrete Association takes on sustainability initiatives

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) announces several new initiatives and activities with the purpose of promoting the use of concrete as a sustainable building material.

In August of this year, ASA joined the Joint Sustainability Initiative (JSI), which comprises 19 other concrete organizations, including the American Concrete Institute, Portland Cement Association, and National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association. Through JSI, these member organizations will present a unified industry approach to sustainability with the creation of programs and products to promote the use of concrete for its sustainable benefits.

Additionally, in August of this year, the ASA Board of Direction voted to form a new committee, Sustainability, which will focus on the identification and promotion of the sustainable benefits of building with shotcrete. Through the work of this new committee, ASA plans to launch new projects and products which will aid ASA members, and the shotcrete industry as a whole, in advancing the use of shotcrete in sustainable building projects. These projects will include the creation of a brochure outlining the green attributes of concrete and shotcrete, a sustainability-themed issue of Shotcrete Magazine, sustainability-related education and training programs, and presentations designed to explore the use of shotcrete as a green material.

“The green movement is having a tremendous impact on the construction industry, as more and more project owners are requiring the use of sustainable materials and techniques,” said Chris Darnell, Executive Director of the American Shotcrete Association. “With the membership in the Joint Sustainability Initiative and the formation of the new Sustainability Committee, the American Shotcrete Association will be on pace to provide its members and the industry with valuable tools and resources to effectively educate and promote the use of shotcrete as a durable, reliable, and sustainable building material.”

The ASA Sustainability Committee will hold its inaugural meeting during the ASA Fall 2009 Committee Meetings, Nov. 7, 2009, at the New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, La., USA. The ASA meetings are being held in conjunction with the American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) Fall 2009 Convention, which will be held Nov. 8-12. ASA meetings are open to all individuals (ASA members & non-members) and there is no registration fee.

For more information on the American Shotcrete Association, its new Sustainability Committee, or its upcoming meetings, please visit www.shotcrete.org.