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AMC Bridge Executive Series: The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins

AMC Bridge Executive Series: The Role of Simulation Technology in Digital Twins

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Continuing our executive series of expert panel discussions, AMC Bridge is pleased to host a session on the role of simulation technology in Digital Twins.

Despite these unprecedented and difficult times for Ukraine, AMC Bridge continues to provide world-class software development services to its clients enabling our team to provide support for their local community and our country by supporting the economy of Ukraine.

We are grateful to our customers for their support and trust by continuing their cooperation with us. This commitment empowers us to continue to serve the engineering community – our way of giving back. In this context, we are very pleased to announce the continuation of our online executive series of panel discussions. Our next topic will be about the role of simulation technology in Digital Twins.

Simulation in digital twins is a game-changing technology that goes beyond a digital replica of an object, product, or system by developing mathematical predictions of its behavior and performance.

However, a standalone simulation is not a magic pill when it comes to real-world operating conditions, as crossovers and interactions between systems are inevitable. To leverage digital twins to their fullest, it is vital to understand and recreate the interaction between the digital replica and other systems in the environment. This is often referred to as connected digital twins.

We have assembled a team of digital twin and simulation experts who will discuss the important role that various types of simulation technologies play in the accurate modeling of products, systems, and processes.

Join us to hear what these experts have to say about the challenges, benefits and approaches to consider when deploying simulation technology as a part of your digital twin effort.


  • David Heiny, Co-Founder and CEO of SimScale
  • David Weir-McCall, Industry Marketing Manager – Architecture of Epic Games
  • Eveart Foster, Director Technology Adoption of BuiltWorlds
  • Igal Kaptsan, General Manager Software of GE Additive
  • Igor Tsinman, Co-Founder and President of AMC Bridge
  • Yuan Qinghui, Director Modeling and Data Science of Donaldson

Moderator: Jim Brown, Founder and President of Tech-Clarity

Please register for the webinar to explore the topic with us and learn best practices from industry-leading experts.

Webinar details

Date: 4/26/2022

Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Registration link:  Register here