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Ambassador Supply Acquires Orgain Building Supply

Ambassador Supply Acquires Orgain Building Supply

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Fort Wayne, IN – Ambassador Supply revealed the acquisition of the industry-respected Orgain Building Supply based in Clarksville, Tenn., on March 18, 2022. We are excited to announce that the acquisition is now complete. Orgain Building Supply has always served its customers with quality and responsiveness, and this will not change. In fact, this new partnership will only help Orgain Building Supply continue in its mission and promise to its customers.

We are honored to welcome Orgain into the Ambassador Supply family as the company continues its dedication to the high-quality service that elevated them to being recognized as a leader in building materials. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana — Ambassador Supply has been invested in lumber supply since 2012. With the assistance of Ambassador Supply leadership, Orgain Building Supply will maintain their current employees including 90 employees in Clarksville, Tenn.

Built on a strong, family legacy, Orgain Building Supply has always invested and focused on the success of its employees — it’s what has made the company what it is today. Based out of Clarksville, Tenn., it has a legacy of providing full-service building supply solutions throughout the greater Nashville area for 100 years.

“My employees and I are extremely excited to become part of the Ambassador Supply family!” Hunter Orgain said. “We look forward to our continued growth in Clarksville, Tennessee and surrounding counties in this new chapter joined with Ambassador Supply. Orgain Building Supply will continue to strive to take care of our contractors and customers and will always stand behind our slogan “Service is our most important product”.