Los Angeles — The Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) awarded a contract to Alta Environmental for environmental technical and expert consulting services for up to $5 million for three years on an as-needed basis. Under this contract, Alta will install new stormwater monitoring equipment and conduct stormwater monitoring, analysis, and reporting for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Ontario International Airport (ONT), and Van Nuys Airport (VNY).

LAWA is required to monitor stormwater per requirements of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, under the State General Industrial Storm Water Permit at LAX, ONT and VNY. Under this permit, sampling is required to use automated flow monitoring and sample collection equipment.

“Replacing the current stormwater monitoring system with new automated equipment will help ensure that LAWA complies with California’s new Industrial Storm Water Permit,” said David Renfrew, Director of Water Resources at Alta Environmental. “This new monitoring configuration uses newer technologies and known best practices, and will ultimately help protect water quality at our rivers and beaches for the enjoyment and health of residents and visitors.”

As part of this major undertaking, Alta will procure and install new Hach/Sigma flow meter/data loggers, rain gauges, auto-samplers, solar panels, custom IP ready high speed cellular modems and serial servers for remote telemetry access. Installation of equipment requires entry into confined space in the existing storm drain system. Alta will also develop installation diagrams, standard operating procedures, and train LAWA staff on the remote operation of the equipment.

Additionally, under this as-needed contract, Alta will conduct hazardous waste management training for approximately 200 employees. The customized training ensures compliance with California regulations, Department of Transportation regulations for employees handling hazardous materials, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s hazard communication standards.