Fort Worth, TX — Alan Plummer Associates Inc., a Texas-based water and environmental engineering firm, is rebranding the company, shortening the name to Plummer and updating its brand identity to support its national growth strategy.

“This rebrand stays rooted in the principles our founder Alan Plummer followed to build this company – technical excellence, integrity, and honesty. The brand update reaffirms our commitment to these principles through continued use of Mr. Plummer’s name and also signals a new era of growth,” said Chris Young, PE, CEO of Plummer.

Established in 1978, Plummer has an established track record of working on large and complex water and wastewater projects in Texas – some of the largest in the country. Plummer supports their clients through the entire lifecycle of a project – from planning and permitting, to design and construction, through operations. The firm has extensive expertise in water, wastewater, reuse and stormwater treatment and conveyance – as well as fiber optic telecommunications planning, permitting and design. Plummer works with municipalities, water districts and utilities, government entities, and private companies.

Plummer has worked on projects ranging from building the nation’s largest manmade wetland to developing customized water efficiency programs. The firm was among the first in the US to successfully implement Membrane Gravity Filtration for drinking water facilities. Plummer is a market leader in wastewater as well, using cloth filter retrofits to increase filtration performance and capacity, customized nutrient removal processes, and membrane bioreactors (MBR) to meet very tight treatment limits.

The firm remains focused on its current sectors of water and telecommunications. Planned growth will come from geographic expansion – initially in the Southwestern and Southeastern US – as well as diversification of client-types and development of new services.

“Our clients in the Central and Western U.S. are seeing unprecedented water challenges due to explosive population growth and the need to stretch scarce resources to meet demand,” said Young. “We are taking the expertise we have gained for four decades of working on large, complex projects to benefit clients nationally.”

The rebrand supports Plummer’s strategy for national expansion plans while remaining a privately held, employee-owned firm. Already established in Texas and Oklahoma, this year Plummer acquired FEI Engineers, Inc. a Colorado-based engineering company, extending its service to clients in Colorado and New Mexico.

Plummer has 150 employees in eight offices in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Revenues in 2018 totaled $25 million.

Plummer (formerly Alan Plummer Associates) has provided water and wastewater engineering services for more than 40 years. With offices in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, Plummer specializes in water and wastewater infrastructure planning, permitting, design and construction management, as well as fiber optic telecommunications planning, permitting and design.