Washington, D.C. – The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) published AISI D310-17, “Design Examples for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels Based on AISI S310-16.” The design guide is the supporting document for AISI S310-16, North American Standard for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels, 2016 Edition.

Both documents are available in PDF format as free downloads at www.aisistandards.org.

Approved by the AISI Committee on Specifications Diaphragm Design Task Group, AISI D310-17 provides five design examples that illustrate the application of design provisions in AISI S310. The Standard provides design provisions for diaphragms consisting of profiled steel decks or panels which include fluted profiles and cellular deck profiles. The illustrative examples determine the strengths and stiffness of diaphragms formed with wide rib decks, profiled panels, and panels with insulation, and with various support materials and loading conditions. The updated design examples in AISI D310-17 provide consistent section references to AISI S310-16 and AISI S100-16 (North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, 2016 Edition) and have been revised in accordance with the provision changes in those documents.