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Aircuity Introduces New ‘Airside’ Energy Dashboard to Enhance Building Owners’ Ability to Meet Enhanced Sustainability Targets

Aircuity Introduces New ‘Airside’ Energy Dashboard to Enhance Building Owners’ Ability to Meet Enhanced Sustainability Targets

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New ventilation analytics provide insight, down to room level, to measure key areas of energy consumption

NEWTON, Mass., USA Aircuity, the leader in creating healthy and sustainable buildings, today introduced a new “Airside” Energy Dashboard that lets building owners quickly identifywhich areas across the entire portfolio are consuming the most ventilation energy. By providing data that goes all the way down to the room level, the new dashboard helps building owners identify the root cause of an issue to ensure maximum energy savings, as well as meet and sustain efficiency and sustainability goals.

Aircuity developed the new Airside Energy Dashboard at a time when the property owners and developers in the areas of commercial real estate, life sciences, and higher education are bracing for new and more stringent regulations targeting inefficient buildings. Coming to the local, state, and national levels, these looming new requirements impose fines and other penalties for buildings that fail to reduce carbon emissions and other climate change contributors.

Aircuity’s clients include a range of building owners who are preparing aggressively to comply with new energy-efficiency requirements that are coming soon,said Dan Diehl, CEO at Aircuity. Aircuity’shardware and software platform provides one of the most effective energy conversation measures that a client can undertake. This new Energy Dashboard allows for tracking and maintaining the most important ventilation savings opportunities.

Aircuity’s new Airside Energy Dashboard contains the following new features:

A “bubble graph” of normalized energy savings by room;
Ability to graph attributes from all buildings in a single chart allowing owners to view the top opportunities for energy savings and prioritize the most readily achievable; and
“Dollar-per-square-foot” metrics, providing total estimated energy savings

“Building owners ask us all the time to track progress, identify problem areas and help with root cause analysis.  This is the future of intelligent buildings and advanced AI, and Aircuity is leading the way with our ventilation management and insight solutions. Our platform and experience across a large and diverse building stock gives us the unique ability to tackle this last critical mile of efficiency,” said Diehl. “With so many new energy regulations on the immediate horizon, we urgently need to tackle this environmental challenge, and deliver safe and healthy indoor Air Quality. Never has it been so important to advance our capability to meet this growing need.”

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