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AEI Corporation Looks to the Future with Exciting Changes to President and Leadership Team

AEI Corporation Looks to the Future with Exciting Changes to President and Leadership Team

Changes Capitalize on More than 175 Years of Experience and Expertise at Preeminent Forensic Engineering Firm


Littleton, Colorado (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AEI Corporation, a multi-disciplinary forensic engineering firm providing a full range of investigative analysis, testing, and expert witness services, is pleased to announce changes to its leadership team.As part of AEI’s ownership succession plan, former AEI President and Founder Jay Freeman will remain with AEI as a Senior Project Engineer, while John Schumacher will assume the responsibilities and leadership role of President. John, along with longtime AEI colleagues Dennis Shelp and Zach Jason will comprise the executive leadership team moving forward. As established industry leaders, John, Dennis, and Zach bring decades of experience with a proven track record in the field of forensic engineering.

“John, Dennis, and Zach have been a core part of the company since it was founded in 2005 and remain dedicated to providing high-quality engineering, consulting, and litigation support for our clients,” said AEI Founder Jay Freeman. “Clients can expect the same level of service provided by the colleagues they know and trust.”

“On the surface, our role is to uncover the facts and tell the story of what happened when something goes wrong,” said AEI President John Schumacher. “What really drives us is the opportunity to help our clients determine what steps to take next.”

With more than 175 years of combined experience in forensic engineering and investigations, the licensed engineers and consultants at AEI Corporation are known throughout the industry for their expertise in forensic engineering and investigations. AEI is also equipped to handle a full range of testing and analysis and provide expert testimony.

ABOUT AEI Corporation

Since 2005, AEI’s experts have utilized forensic engineering and their expertise to help determine the causes of incidents for a broad spectrum of clients.

AEI’s leadership team is comprised of John L. Schumacher, Dennis E. Shelp, and Zachary J. Jason. Founder John M. (Jay) Freeman continues to work as a full-time Senior Project Engineer.

AEI’s strengths include the versatility of its experts and the diversity of investigations where they can be of assistance. AEI is based in Littleton, CO, and performs investigations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with projects occasionally in Asia and Africa.

AEI’s 14,000+ square foot facility in Littleton, CO gives them the ability to facilitate and conduct large laboratory inspections. AEI has the right equipment to complete both demonstrative and non-destructive testing, including a Keyence microscope, FTIR, hood system, X-Ray, and much more.

AEI’s clients include, but are not limited to, propane and natural gas companies, gas appliance manufacturers, electrical utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, law firms, insurance carriers, and representatives in the transportation industry. We know that successful forensic investigations begin with asking the right questions, and then following through until hidden causes are discovered and problems are solved.