Los Angeles — AECOM earned four awards from the Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) and Environmental Business Journal (EBJ). CCBJ recognized AECOM with industry leadership and project merit awards in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience; EBJ honored AECOM with two project merit awards for environmental remediation and habitat protection.

“Being recognized for leadership in climate adaptation and resilience, and for expertise in remediation and restoration on some of the world’s most important projects, is a great source of pride for our global employees and clients,” said AECOM’s Matthew Sutton, environment chief executive.  “AECOM now has been awarded six environmental industry awards this fiscal year, and we look forward to our leading global environmental and climate adaptation practice continuing their work, making the world a more environmentally sustainable place.”

AECOM received the CCBJ Climate Adaptation and Resilience industry leadership and project merit awards for its global work delivering 35 projects in 20 countries, including helping Miami Beach protect its built environment from rising seas and flooding.  AECOM also was recognized for:

  • Completing the International Climate Change Adaptation Framework for Road Infrastructure for the World Road Association;
  • Authoring two publications, “Becoming Climate Resilient — Private Sector Guide” and “What’s Next in Making Cities Resilient;”
  • Participating in global climate forums as session chairs, panelists and presenters, including at COP21 in Paris;
  • Partnering with the UN, World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation and other influential organizations on global initiatives;
  • Updating the UN’s “Ten Essentials for Disaster Risk Reduction;”
  • Developing climate adaptation technology, including economic analysis for adaptation options and predictive modeling for sea-level rise, coastal erosion and river flooding; and
  • Climate adaptation and disaster resilience planning for Bandung, Indonesia.

AECOM’s EBJ project merit awards for remediation and restoration included being recognized for work on the high-profile Lac-Mégantic oil train derailment disaster cleanup in Quebec, Canada, and an environmental baseline study and ecological assessment in Uganda, at one of Africa’s most important areas for biodiversity.

The four awards will be presented at the Environmental Industry Summit XIV in San Diego on March 9.  AECOM has won 15 EBJ and CCBJ awards since 2012. 

AECOM also received the 2015 Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index Corporate Prize for AECOM and IBM’s United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster Reduction Scorecard — which was also adapted for small businesses and is being piloted in New Orleans.