Los Angeles — AECOM signed a framework agreement with Shell regarding delivery of enabling infrastructure works (EIW) across major global projects. The types of project elements that AECOM could deliver under this program include roads, rail, airstrips, marine structures, power, telecommunications, water and sewerage systems, as well as offices, warehouses and workforce accommodation.

The EIW agreement is part of Shell’s new approach, which fosters close integration between select, specialist infrastructure providers and Shell’s oil & gas contractors, enabling accelerated infrastructure delivery and increased participation from the local supply chain. Such agreements are at the forefront of an emerging market trend, which recognizes the pivotal role of infrastructure works in the smooth and successful delivery of capital-intensive mega projects.

“This is the exciting next stage in the evolution of our relationship with Shell,” said AECOM’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael S. Burke. “We offer unsurpassed global expertise in the planning, design and delivery of vital infrastructure for the oil & gas sector, with a unique ability to deliver this critical infrastructure in an integrated way. Both AECOM and Shell share a strong culture of safety, which is key to delivering work on this scale.”

AECOM’s ability to tailor a range and scale of services for large, global organizations, such as those in energy, chemicals and extractive industries is a differentiating factor for its success. As a global company, AECOM has a presence in more than 150 countries, with 92,000 employees around the world. The ability to deliver global best practices at a local level is essential to the EIW framework.