LOS ANGELES — AECOM Technology Corporation, a provider of professional technical and management support services for public and private clients in more than 140 countries around the world, provided an update on the progress of its investment fund, AECOM Capital. The $150 million fund is officially known as AECOM Global Fund I, L.P. and has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. The fund is expected to make direct investments in real estate and public-private projects.

“AECOM Capital is a visionary investment platform that provides us with opportunities to play an important role in development projects as our clients pursue alternative-delivery options and look for partners who can provide financing, along with our traditional services,” said John M. Dionisio, AECOM chairman and chief executive officer. “This fund also provides another opportunity to connect us with infrastructure projects that can benefit from our comprehensive service offerings.”

The fund currently is focused on investments in U.S. public-private partnership transportation and infrastructure opportunities as well as private real estate projects.

“We are proud to be able to offer an innovative financing solution — to help address shortfalls in public funding for critical infrastructure projects and to help address the tightened credit environment for private sector real estate projects,” saidMichael S. Burke, AECOM president. “Through these investments, we now have an opportunity to participate as a vital partner in advancing projects with our clients, while also generating revenue as our clients utilize AECOM’s traditional services.”

John T. Livingston is chief executive of AECOM Capital. “As we have previously noted, this fund differentiates AECOM in the marketplace as we help to supply equity and align interests with our development partners and create additional opportunities for our businesses,” said Livingston.

One of the projects that AECOM Capital is currently invested in is Provost Square, a luxury 417-unit apartment rental tower in Jersey City, N.J. The building is being developed jointly by Toll Brothers City Living and AECOM Capital. It is being constructed by AECOM’s construction services business. Leasing is anticipated to begin during early 2015.

AECOM’s previous experience with alternative delivery and project financing includes its successful investment in Meridiam Infrastructure Fund, which works with public authorities to procure and manage infrastructure for local developments.