London — Rail continues to be the most efficient (and in some cases the only) way of transporting people and freight. Demand for increased and improved service often has to be considered against a backdrop of aging rail infrastructure. Construction and maintenance are both under increasing scrutiny to deliver on time and to budget. More efficient processes and new technologies are being used to deliver tomorrow’s rail infrastructure, and these best practices need to be shared across the industry.

The Rail and Road Forum at the Year in Infrastructure (YII) 2015 Conference brings together innovators from across these industries to discuss and share how innovative uses of technology are driving business change. This one-day forum will feature speakers from Cambridge Center for Smart Infrastructure in Construction (CSIC), COMIT, Crossrail, and MBTA. Attendees will also learn about the latest technologies from Bentley for reality mesh creation, construction management, asset performance management, and operational analytics.

Highlights include:

  • Dr. Jennifer Schooling of CSIC on the Internet of Things and how it presents opportunities for advancing technology in the built environment;
  • Iain Miskimmin of COMIT on innovations in use of mobile technology in construction;
  • John Bryant of Track Access on innovations in survey techniques for rail track and related assets;
  • Ross Dentten of Crossrail on establishing quality asset information utilizing object-based technologies; and
  • Satyen Patel of MBTA on measurement and inspection strategies to provide maximum return on investment.

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