Portland, Ore./Brisbane, Australia/Newbury, UK — XP Solutions released XPSWMM and XPSTORM version 2017 — hydrodynamic software models for simulating sanitary sewer systems, stormwater systems, rivers, and urban flooding. XPSWMM and XPSTORM are used every day around the world for master planning, floodplain mapping, flood hazard mitigation and sustainable stormwater control.

New and existing users of XPSWMM and XPSTORM will see several enhancements and improved capabilities, as well as structural and platform improvements. “We’re very pleased with this release,” says Anthony Kuch, MSc, Vice President of Client Services. “This new release for 2017 encompasses a range of new features and software enhancements that allow the user to better comprehend input data, build models faster and solve multiple models in parallel.  This balance between the addition of new features and improving the existing software was guided by many user meetings and our continued contact with users from our Support Portal and training workshops.”

Top features included in version 2017 are:

  • New Run Manager — The Run Manager leverages multiple-core processors for parallel processing of simulations rather than running simulations in series, which reduces overall simulation run times. The Run Manager automatically selects multiple simulations in the Global Storms or the Scenario Manager, optimizing simulations by leveraging today’s modern multi-core computers.
  • Improved model productivity enhancements — The Modify Elevation tool now contains enhanced capabilities to rapidly adjust elevations to match crown or inverts. This substantially reduces the time needed to prepare these objects in the model.
  • New native language support — Under-the-hood enhancements now allow XP Solutions to support more native languages within the application beyond Japanese, Chinese and Korean. XPSWMM/XPSTORM can now be “localized” for almost any language.
  • Enhanced stability — The development team has conquered an impressive list of issues reported via the xpertcare support site portal. Many of these issues addressed aim at keeping users more productive, improving the solution and keeping the platform stable.
  • Improved profile plots — Multiple profile plots runs along different sections of a network can now be presented in a single view. Ground Elevations in profile now support the actual terrain section along the profile plot rather than straight-line approximation of the ground profile between structures.
  • Enhanced user experience — Dialogues for nodes, 2D land use, and pumps now include clearer intuitive graphics, enhancing the representations of the underlying objects.
  • Improved log viewer — Notepad++ now includes the “Compare” plugin allowing multiple results to be reviewed simultaneously.
  • New streamlined sanitary modeling environment — The new sanitary modeling mode focuses the user on the relevant sanitary modeling layers and tools for increased productivity.

XPSWMM and XPSTORM 2017 are now available for purchase. Visit http://xpsolutions.com to learn more about this FEMA-approved and benchmark-tested modeling software. Current subscribers to the XPERTCARE support and maintenance program will receive an email with their updated licenses.