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AEC TECH NEWS: Trimble introduces Android app for field surveying, data collection

AEC TECH NEWS: Trimble introduces Android app for field surveying, data collection

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Trimble introduced Trimble Penmap for Android, a cloud-connected application for field surveying and high-accuracy GIS data collection that works on mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets.

Trimble Penmap for Android focuses on core survey and mapping tasks such as cadastral and boundary surveys, establishing local control, stake-outs, quality checks and asset management for utilities. It provides both professional surveyors and field workers with an intuitive, easy-to-use map-based interface to manage features and attributes for high-accuracy GIS and complete survey documentation. For example, the application is ideal for use in the energy distribution industry for locating infrastructure and recording critical information on encroachments, clearways and existing monuments. The application runs on a variety of Android devices, including the rugged Trimble TDC100 handheld, and supports full-featured Trimble Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers such as the Trimble R10, R8s and R2 receivers.

Trimble Penmap for Android is optimized to integrate with the new Trimble Catalyst service, a software-defined GNSS receiver that connects to the small, inexpensive plug-and-play DA1 antenna, and allows surveyors to choose an accuracy level from meter to centimeters to suit their application needs. Together, Penmap and Trimble Catalyst — both purchased through a fixed monthly subscription — offer an on-demand, lightweight and low-cost professional surveying system that provides value, convenience and flexibility.

“The addition of Penmap expands our portfolio to address the needs of organizations that require a value-packed, flexible survey system,” said Matt Delano, general manager of Trimble’s Land Administration solutions. “Surveyors using the Penmap application with Trimble Catalyst can easily manage seasonal shifts in survey activity by scaling up or down without a capital investment. Survey managers will find it an efficient way to carry out field checks without tying up expensive equipment used by their field crews. They can simply use a phone, the Penmap application, a Catalyst subscription and the DA1 antenna.”

Trimble Penmap for Android includes the Penmap Project Manager, which is used to set up projects, create templates and add team members. Penmap Project Manager works with the Trimble Connect platform for storing and transferring data between the field and office. Trimble Connect, which is also included in the Penmap subscription, is a collaborative cloud-based platform that enables organizations to set up and deploy projects to their field users. Information collected in the field is synced back to the office in real-time where it is stored, managed and communicated to team members. Data can also be exported from Penmap Project Manager into back-office systems in a variety of file formats for viewing and sharing.

Trimble Penmap for Android is available now for download from the Google Play Store. For more information, visit https://geospatial.trimble.com/products-and-solutions/Penmap-Android. Trimble Catalyst is also available to purchase now. For more information, visit www.catalyst.trimble.com.