Savannah, Ga. — Thomas & Hutton, a professional services company providing engineering, surveying, planning, GIS, and consulting services, launched its newly improved Web-based application, geothinQ. This program quickly packages detailed GIS information, making it accessible, affordable, user-friendly, and presentable, the firm said. Retrieving land information is centralized, convenient, and fast — allowing users to analyze location and providing the knowledge to make smarter and better informed decisions. 

geothinQ also allows for customization to suit particular organization needs.  Company-specific data empowers users to identify patterns faster, track market movements, and provide on-demand logistics. A single application, accessible by anyone within an organization, contains mapping and reporting. geothinQ also features easy-to-use measuring tools, the ability to collect site observations from mobile devices or laptops, cartographic mapping tools, and to export to a PDF or Excel.

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