Woodland Hills, Calif. — NDS, Inc., a provider of stormwater management solutions for residential and commercial applications, announced a new partnership with Triton Stormwater Solutions (TritonSWS) that adds three lines of Triton’s stormwater chamber products to NDS’s S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solution system. NDS will be a preferred provider of the TritonSWS chambers across most of the U.S.

S5 is a new, professional stormwater management system that utilizes NDS components, such as catch basins, channel drains and Flo-Wells. A highly flexible and scalable single-source solution, S5 can be configured to meet a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. It is engineered for high performance and meets today's regulations for onsite stormwater management.

“Triton’s stormwater chambers are a great addition to our already extensive line of stormwater products that are easy to install, easy to specify and deliver high performance results,” said Mike Gummeson, president, NDS. “This adds to our S5 system and gives specifiers, civil engineers and landscape architects even more options and greater flexibility in planning and installing their stormwater solutions.”

TritonSWS underground chambers eliminate the need for restrictive holding ponds that require use of valuable land area and offers the added benefits of groundwater recharge and water quality enhancement with a service life of over 50 years. Triton’s S29 (42.8 cubic feet storage), C10 (17.6 cubic feet storage) and M6 (11.5 cubic feet storage) chambers will now be part of the S5 solution.

“We here at Triton Stormwater Solutions are very excited to be teaming up with NDS,” said Joe Miskovich, inventor, founder and president, Triton Stormwater Solutions. “This relationship will provide the end user a much greater value proposition, more flexibility in solving drainage problems, greater ease in meeting stormwater regulations, and greater access to superior products in both the commercial and residential markets.  The first class customer service provided by both NDS and TritonSWS – coupled with extensive product lines – will afford any customer the desired solutions to their water-related problems.”

The NDS S5 system delivers five key sustainable benefits for both commercial and residential projects:

  1. Improved conservation: Conserves stormwater onsite through filtration, detention and infiltration to counter the effects of drought, pollution and storms that threaten the quality and quantity of clean water.
  2. Better management: Manages rainfall onsite by maintaining predevelopment hydrology as closely as possible and reducing downstream impact by using smaller, decentralized controls for filtration, detention and infiltration.
  3. Enhanced flexibility: Empowers designers to adapt the system footprint to the specific environmental conditions of an application site.
  4. Superior mitigation: Filters debris and other suspended solids, preventing negative downstream impacts through detention and infiltration components that reduce peak overflows.
  5. Greater replenishment: Promotes subsurface recharge to balance groundwater withdrawal.

To learn more about the NDS S5 Sustainable Stormwater Solution system, visit www.ndspro.com/S5; follow on Twitter @NDS_pro.

For more information about Triton Stormwater Solutions, visit www.tritonsws.com; follow on Twitter @TritonSWS.