Chicago — Milhouse Engineering & Construction announced its partnership with Google and SADA Systems to produce a platform that will transform the way gas and utility companies manage documents, projects, and people while simultaneously meeting the forthcoming new PHMSA requirements.  metaDocs unifies Google Maps with GIS systems to improve project forecasting, cost estimation and risk analysis.

Milhouse, a full-service engineering design consultant that provides services to public agencies and private clients throughout the U.S., played a primary role in the development of metaDocs. The firm’s expertise in civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering provides the necessary insight to meet the unique needs of gas and utility companies, Milhouse said. The firm continuously ensures the technical information is relevant, representative of current Gas Utility processes, PHSMA compliant and scalable for future demand. In addition to attending technical seminars and performing natural gas industry research, the Milhouse team conducts end user interviews, performs QA/QC of design and development, and tests alternative technologies.

“metaDocs is designed to answer the constant challenges gas and utility companies face in maintaining a safe, reliable and compliant infrastructure,” stated Wilbur C. Milhouse III, President/CEO. “We are extremely excited to venture into the field of technology, and be a part of a project that will positively positon our national utilities for the future market.”

metaDocs will save companies time, money, and resources. Users will have the ability to easily access documents, visualize GIS based assets in real time, and predict future project needs, the company said.

Some of the application’s benefits include:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Visualize disparate data sets to effectively manage information and make better, more informed decisions.
  • Streamline Processes: Create a project and workflow template for the type of asset, category or document. Assign tasks and track project status.
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance: Quickly identify document gaps and minimize compliance risk by removing data silos and improving communication across departments.
  • Incorporate Best Practices: By automating processes, creating actionable insight from data, and increasing workforce productivity you will adhere to best practice work and asset standards.

metaDocs is designed to assist utilities with document management and improve efficiency. To learn more about metaDocs and the services that Milhouse provides, contact Shane Jefferies at