Norcross, Ga. — Leica Geosystems acquired InfraMeasure, the rail measurement specialist known for helping Class I and other railroads achieve significant improvements in safety, accuracy, efficiency, reporting and measurement. InfraMeasure designed and developed the patent-pending SafeLoad system, the first portable, high-accuracy, laser-based, measurement and documentation solution for the dimensional (high-wide) transport industry.

Already implemented by four of the seven Class I railroads in North America, SafeLoad eliminates the risk to employees from climbing on high-wide railcars, loads or ladders while drastically improving accuracy and streamlining load documentation and clearance approvals. The system is proven to reduce high-wide measurement time and labor by at least 50 percent. For rail operators that have access to point clouds of their entire network or route, SafeLoad works in conjunction with Leica SiRail Suite to identify potential clearance problems, thereby further increasing safety. InfraMeasure also provides high-accuracy railway clearance analysis, state-of-the-art monitoring and strategic consulting services to clients throughout the rail industry.

All of these solutions will now be offered in North America through Leica Geosystems’ newly created Rail segment, led by former InfraMeasure President Brian S. Daniel.

“The North American rail industry faces tremendous pressure to maintain and operate its massive infrastructure network. Rail regulations such as Positive Train Control (PTC) as well as railway clearances, bridge monitoring, and geographic information systems (GIS) all require relevant train and track information to be readily available in an accurate, digital format,” said Daniel. “Leica Geosystems’ ability to provide current, high-quality and accurate imagery, along with high accuracy GPS positioning, monitoring, as-built rail geometry, and railway clearance mapping, in addition to the innovative rail solutions obtained through the InfraMeasure acquisition, creates an unparalleled resource to support the rail industry in the face of numerous challenges.”

Ken Mooyman, executive vice president of Hexagon Geosystems, said the acquisition sends a positive signal to the rail industry. “Like many industries, rail is going through a digital transformation that needs geospatial information as a basis to transform; Positive Train Control, which links passenger and safety information, is just one example,” he said. “Acquiring new resources to serve the industry’s digital measurement and mapping needs demonstrates Leica Geosystems’ commitment to providing technology solutions. Daniel brings extensive knowledge and a proven track record in solving some of the rail industry’s toughest technology challenges, and we are excited to be able to strengthen our role in moving the industry forward.”

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