San Jose, Calif. — FinalCode, Inc. joined the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) and extended support to secure Computer Aided Design (CAD) files being shared among Autodesk users and their respective customers, contractors, partners and supply chain. FinalCode for CAD is an add-on integration option for the file collaboration security platform.

Available to Autodesk users, FinalCode adds strong AES-256 data encryption, usage permissions, auditing and remote delete capabilities for Autodesk file collaboration in a way that is easy, flexible and cost-effective.  By enhancing security controls for those collaborating with Autodesk files, as well as Acrobat files derived from Autodesk, enterprises can protect intellectual property and design ideas with greater confidence.

“Ensuring the security of sensitive files and data in its various forms is a major challenge for all businesses. Data held in CAD files represents significant risk to businesses in manufacturing, construction and other design-centric industries, where maintaining the confidentiality of intellectual property is needed. Protecting files shared internally is a known issue, but it can be even more difficult to manage the protection of files shared outside an organization. In the case of the CAD industry, sensitive files are often shared with a wide variety of recipients, increasing data leakage risks,” said Andrew Kellett, principal analyst, Infrastructure Solutions, Security at Ovum. “FinalCode addresses data leakage issues using a persistent file security tool with an intuitive and flexible means of securing sensitive files that are shared via existing collaboration methods. It also provides an array of usage controls and auditing functions for Autodesk CAD files and Adobe Acrobat files, which are often shared between design teams.”

Successful business requires both collaboration and data protection. Drawings, illustrations, designs, specifications, blueprints, prototypes, creative and models held in CAD files are highly valued. Manufacturing, architecture, defense, construction, entertainment, life science, infrastructure, aerospace and even law enforcement agencies utilize CAD systems and share CAD files and derivative Adobe Acrobat files with their engineering and production teams, contributors, contractors, supply chain, customers and prospects without knowing if their sensitive content is safe against unauthorized access and usage.

FinalCode for Autodesk

FinalCode’s persistent file security platform protects engineering design information, no matter how the CAD files are shared, inside and outside of an organization. The platform lets organizations, engineers and design staff easily set CAD file access and usage permissions, track file activity and dynamically adjust policies for recipients as needed. Since FinalCode manages file security and does not take the file itself, intellectual property and sensitive design details stay with the file owner while file protection remains persistent. Should the secured file be mistakenly forwarded, copied or shared without authorization, or if a third party should no longer need access to the file, the file owner can change the policy and even delete the file remotely, ensuring that confidential or restricted information remains secure.

With this strategic integration, FinalCode has extended support for Autodesk AutoCAD as an option for the FinalCode platform.  The platform centralizes security controls and allows users to apply access and usage permission ad hoc, or by corporate-directed policy, on a per file basis or automatically to monitored local and network folders. Recipients of FinalCode-secured files are required to use a lightweight FinalCode client to authorize file access and enforce usage control at the operating system and application layer — allowing the recipient to work in the Autodesk application they are accustomed to. FinalCode anticipates adding its solutions to the Autodesk App Store, as well as building out Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor platform support.

“When it comes to engineering design, collaboration is often part of the process. Once sensitive CAD designs and information are obtained, even by authorized collaborators, an owner’s ability to protect, track, extend and rescind access to that intellectual property is gone,” said Scott Gordon, COO of FinalCode, Inc. “FinalCode offers a simple and cost-effective way for Autodesk users to gain extensive security controls for sensitive CAD and related Acrobat files being shared inside and outside their organization. We are excited to be joining the Autodesk Developer Network program and are committed to extending our integration efforts.”

“At Autodesk, we’re building an ecosystem that allows our customers to enhance their investment in Autodesk platforms including AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor with third-party solutions while enabling innovative developers, such as FinalCode, the support they need to create add-on solutions that add significant value to our platforms,” said Jim Quanci, senior director of the Autodesk Developer Network at Autodesk. “Protecting access and usage of shared Autodesk files and respective intellectual property is important for our customers across all industries.  We are pleased to welcome FinalCode to the Autodesk partner community.”

FinalCode for CAD functionality includes:

  • AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Autodesk DWG TrueView 2010-2016 support
  • Rapid and easy setup of internal and external users for immediate secure collaboration
  • Reduced data theft risks with strong 256-bit AES file encryption, comprehensive file-based IRM controls and rich activity logging
  • Ability to restrict access and usage by recipient, time and other attributes for files shared with customers, prospects, partners, contractors and supply chain
  • Means to delete files on demand, by policy or automatically if shared with an authorized user
  • Enhanced security to collaborate on business-sensitive and proprietary AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat files across public or private networks, collaboration platforms and popular devices
  • Cost-effective external file security; free use for recipients external to the organization
  • Flexible use as the solution can be implemented by department, project or enterprise-wide

FinalCode can be implemented as a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance with packages designed to accommodate small businesses, government agencies and large global enterprises. The FinalCode platform is generally available with an annual business edition subscription price starting at $20 per user per month, for up to 10 users. FinalCode for CAD business edition add-on license starts at $6 per user per month. The FinalCode Reader for external file recipients is available at no charge and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices. Prospective customers and channel partners are invited to take FinalCode for a test drive by registering at