London — During the last decade, the U.K. building and construction industry has gone through some significant changes, and it is now braced to meet the U.K. government construction strategy mandate of being BIM compliant on government projects by 2016. According to The Government Construction Strategy that was published by the Cabinet office on May 31, 2011, all centrally procured government construction projects, no matter their size, must be delivered using 3D collaborative BIM, with the objective of reducing by 20 percent the capital cost from the construction and operation of the built environment.

To address the impact on organizations to follow the mandate, Bentley Systems is sponsoring a unique event hosted by Infrastructure Intelligence titled “Straight Talk,” which is being held at the Café Villandry on Oct. 20, 2015, in London, featuring special guest Mark Bew, Chair of HM Government, BIM Task Force.

Bew will be challenged by Antony Oliver, editor of Infrastructure Intelligence, on the following:

  • The impact the current political climate might have on this BIM vision;
  • How BIM will evolve in the coming years;
  • What role the U.K. is playing in defining a BIM strategy;
  • The difference between government and private projects involving BIM;
  • What SMEs can expect during this period of change;
  • How organizations can be BIM level 2 compliant;
  • How software is playing a huge role in reaching these BIM goals; and
  • Live audience Q&A.

To register for Straight Talk, contact (All attendees of Straight Talk will get a free pass to the Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference. Please note that this is a very limited event, and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

Bew will also share some insights from Straight Talk at Bentley’s annual Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference in London, Nov. 3-5, 2015. He will also be part of an expert panel in the Buildings and Facilities Forum (