Omaha, Neb. — Data Visualization Intelligence, Inc. (DVI) launched their Vantage Point solution for corporations looking to improve their travel programs in new and unexpected ways. This solution takes complex, disparate data from multiple sources and presents it in clear, graphically robust visualizations that make insights jump to the surface. DVI also allows analysis from the broadest trends to the individual transaction without ever having to run a report.

“DVI was created to provide the industry with a simple tool that lets anyone, including non-travel executives, see incredible results and savings opportunities,” stated Brian Beard, DVI President. DVI Vantage Point creates a true, holistic view of travel program leakage — the full 360° picture of supplier spend including ancillary spend, comparison to benchmarks, statistical outliers and more. Any company can now see their data from multiple perspectives including organizational, supplier, geographic and spend categories. In addition, Vantage Point creates a marriage of market share opportunities to comply with preferred supplier goals and contract terms.

Creating Vantage Point was an intense effort, including the use of machine learning and a focus on data quality. “The operational direction at DVI allows us to integrate leading technologies into a single platform and create a laser focus on data. DVI is a highly configurable system that meets the needs of our clients at a great price point,” stated Steve Harter, Chief Technology Officer with DVI. “The cloud based approach coupled with attention to data is a look into the future for business to business technology applications,” added Harter.

Vantage Point users appreciate the graphical layout and drill downs, but the true benefit is getting the underlying data right. “When our clients first see Vantage Point, they think it is magic; it’s actually applied data and the deep understanding of the ins and outs of business travel coupled with the latest technical expertise in analytics and data visualization,” stated Beard.

For one Fortune 500 insurance-based client, the results have been remarkable. “DVI Vantage Point lets us see connections and insights that we could never get to before—not just leakage, but the potential savings. The data ties to our agency’s back office and expense data, which has been nearly impossible to gauge in the past. In addition to the analysis, [the data] is reflected in a form that makes it easy to communicate to senior management. It’s the nirvana that we have been seeking as we identify more areas of savings in our mature travel program. We’re in the early stages, but we expect the ROI to be significant.”