Sandy, Utah — CalAmp, a provider of wireless products, services, and solutions, announced a development agreement with Cityworks to streamline public works operations for the City of Ann Arbor, Mich. Pursuant to the agreement, CalAmp integrated its GovOutlook Esri GIS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system with Cityworks GIS-centric asset management solution to enable quicker processing of work orders, improve communication, and enhance customer service and satisfaction.

GovOutlook seamlessly integrates with the Cityworks asset management data to streamline the creation and execution of service requests and work orders. A CalAmp custom in-vehicle navigation display installed in City of Ann Arbor vehicles allows service fleet employees to use preconfigured messages to establish a service request such as a pothole fix or garbage pick-up. The request is sent through GovOutlook into the Cityworks system to generate a work order. Both systems leverage Esri GIS-based mapping and GovOutlook provides real-time GPS vehicle tracking within the Cityworks interface using an in-vehicle telematics device. City of Ann Arbor dispatchers can then track vehicle locations in relationship to work orders, routes, zones and infrastructure on the Cityworks map, making dispatching more efficient.

“Our collaboration with CalAmp produced a tightly integrated system that allows the City of Ann Arbor to improve work order processing and better facilitate the flow of communication between the fleet employees and dispatchers,” said Wayne Hill, Executive Vice President for Cityworks.

In addition, GovOutlook provides engine diagnostics for fleet maintenance and collects information from sensors installed on waste trucks, snow plows, and street sweepers. The vehicle status information is displayed in relation to snow plow and solid waste routes, street addresses, and parcels numbers, allowing agencies to respond to service inquiries quickly and accurately. CalAmp also provides a public portal for viewing snow plow activity during storms to enhance the customer service experience for citizens throughout the community.

“The City of Ann Arbor is committed to improving service delivery to our customers. We believe the integration between the GovOutlook and Cityworks systems will help us advance this goal,” said Molly Maciejewski, Public Works Manager for the City of Ann Arbor. “The integration will enable the City’s Public Works to be more efficient and proactive in our operations.”

“Access to vehicle location, diagnostics, and in-field communications provides actionable intelligence to enable better work flow processes,” said Mike Zachan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CalAmp’s Wireless Network business. “By creating a gateway of communication between fleet employees and dispatchers through GovOutlook and Cityworks, the City of Ann Arbor can now more effectively manage fleet operations and expedite requests for service through multiple agencies.”