Exton, Pa. — Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that all 15 state DOTs and agencies using AssetWise InspectTech achieved compliance with annual Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) MAP-21 National Bridge Inventory (NBI), and National Bridge Element (NBE) reporting requirements and successfully submitted reports on time. AssetWise InspectTech delivers accurate element-level inspection data required by MAP-21, enabling data-driven decision making. Faced with aging bridge infrastructure nationwide, FHWA’s MAP-21 performance-based program is designed to maximize return on investment in transportation infrastructure, ensure public safety and infrastructure reliability, and reduce project delivery delays.


Michael F. Premo, P.E., NDOT Structures Division – Bridge Inspection, said, “The ability of AssetWise InspectTech to support our Nevada-specific inspection needs and meet the FHWA, MAP-21, and NBI regulatory requirement deadlines is a testament to its flexibility. It allows our inspectors to accurately and efficiently collect, manage, and submit all required data including mobile data from the field in the required format. Using InspectTech our NBI submittal went smoothly again this year.”


AssetWise InspectTech provides performance metric reports and dashboards based on industry best practices for NBI and NBE submission, performs error checks and automated sufficiency rating calculations that prevent errors during the data collection process, and, through timely reporting, gives citizens peace of mind that states are fully ensuring their transportation safety. Its extensive configuration tools allow state agencies to tailor the application to meet their respective needs while still supporting all required federal reports.


Taylor Gilmore, product manager, AssetWise InspectTech, said, “The element-level inspection enabled by AssetWise InspectTech increases the granularity of the analytical capabilities for the inspection and evaluation of bridges – better predicting their performance, enhancing public safety, and advancing the timely delivery of bridge maintenance and repair projects. AssetWise InspectTech was used to inspect over 175,000 bridges for our users’ 2016 Federal Highway NBI and NBE data reports.”


AssetWise optimizes asset performance and supports an asset strategy for risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Built on a hybrid cloud-computing platform that leverages a common data environment, AssetWise facilitates the interoperability of multiple data sources, providing operations, maintenance, and engineering with accurate and reliable information, when it is needed, to make informed decisions, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance. Aligned with asset management standard ISO 55001 and asset information standard PAS 1192-3, AssetWise ensures assets are delivering optimal value and meeting business needs. AssetWise applies information modeling and information management technologies to asset operations and, when combined with Bentley’s ProjectWise, provides a complete life cycle information management solution.


For additional information about AssetWise, visit www.bentley.com/AssetWise.