London — AssetWise APM helps integrity and reliability engineers working with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to develop programs that support risk-based inspections (RBI) processes. With a view to the SAP Portal in real-time, inspectors and maintenance technicians are empowered with the information they need, when they need it – in the field.


View live SAP data in AssetWise APM. Image: Bentley Systems


The SAP Portal view in AssetWise APM displays the following information:

  • Functional location and equipment assets
  • Functional location, equipment, and operations task lists
  • SAP maintenance items
  • Standard maintenance plans


With access to SAP EAM asset and work history, AssetWise APM users can navigate assets geospatially and get immediate feedback when condition readings are out of allowable tolerances. The asset health dashboard consolidates and analyzes all condition data from inspections and real-time monitoring devices, which facilitates more timely and accurate decisions on corrective actions. AssetWise APM’s certified integration with SAP EAM ensures that organizations using these systems together can drive a proactive process to manage asset reliability and integrity.


Other new capabilities in AssetWise APM include dashboards for strategy development analyses. These dashboards help identify the risk associated with asset failure and dynamic measurement points and accurately track and analyze data from locations that cannot be predetermined. This latter capability will be applied to subsea pipeline inspections conducted by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), as well as to inspections on utility networks and railways (track).


Bentley’s solutions span all offshore assets including fixed, floating, and subsea assets. Image: Bentley Systems


The information collected in dynamic inspections is much more than the reading value and date collected. In the case of subsea inspections, it includes:

  • Where is it – location, depth, length, area affected
  • Conditions – water temperature
  • Anodes, berms, debris, span, marine growth, burial information


Rob Churchman, senior director, product advancement, Bentley Systems, said, “Our users depend on AssetWise working seamlessly alongside SAP to ensure assets are safe and reliable. The SAP Portal view within AssetWise APM has been so successful that we have expanded the capabilities further to drive higher levels of asset performance.”