Shepperton Studios, London — Arithmetica appointed point3D as the first U.S. reseller of the recently released Pointfuse V2, which represents a new generation of point cloud 3D modeling software. The launch of Pointfuse V2 in Europe demonstrated a new paradigm in the processing of laser scanned point cloud data. Now with a “one-touch, one-button” approach, the new techniques in Pointfuse V2 not only convert point clouds into 3D vector models with accurate geometry, but also enable discrete surfaces in these models to be isolated and manipulated in third-party software to a greater extent than ever before.

“We have declared 2017 a year for digital transformation, and believe that Pointfuse will support us, our customers and our partners in this journey,” commented Grew Lawes, Principal Owner of point3D. “Laser scanning hardware has developed to such an extent that we now capture point clouds of increasing size and density, often without due consideration of the processing requirement or ultimate use. Pointfuse V2 tackles this issue head on! Its powerful point cloud engine combined with the ease of generation, manipulation and use of vector data, will revolutionize the scan-to-CAD workflow.”

As resellers of Pointfuse and well respected specialists in 3D data capture and laser scanning solutions, point3D will provide pre-sales support and training for Pointfuse V2 from offices in New Jersey, Maryland and Texas.

“The appointment of point3D as US ambassadors for Pointfuse is the next logical step in our relationship with them,” added Mark Senior, Business Development Manager at Arithmetica. “point3D already represents our 360 degree imaging solution – SphereVision – in the region, and has demonstrated a wide range of real project experience across a variety of sectors. We are therefore confident that the point3D team is the most suited to recognize and identify opportunities for Pointfuse to shine, and work with potential users through implementation with ongoing support and training.”

Pointfuse V2 is a modeling engine that delivers a fast, precise and flexible way of converting the vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into high-fidelity vector models. Designed for anyone capturing or using point cloud data, Pointfuse V2 uses advanced statistical techniques to create vector models that can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system. To try Pointfuse, visit