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Advantest Launches Two New General-Purpose Hardware Units Compatible with T2000 Air-Cooled Test Platform

Advantest Launches Two New General-Purpose Hardware Units Compatible with T2000 Air-Cooled Test Platform

New Digital Module and Power Supply Module Expand Test Capabilities and Enhance Cost Efficiencies

TOKYO (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has introduced two new general-purpose hardware instruments – the 500MDM digital module and the DPS32A power supply module – to boost the capabilities of its T2000 test platform for a variety of applications such as system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices, power-management ICs, automotive devices and CMOS image sensors for the growing digital transformation market. Both new hardware units can be retrofitted onto existing test systems, such as the T2000 AiR platform whose compact design is ideal for use in environments ranging from engineering labs to volume manufacturing.

The semiconductor devices being mass produced for today’s fast-growing mobile electronics markets run on low power to enable longer battery life. Testing these ICs requires the ability to accommodate small currents and fast processing speeds while also applying highly accurate parametric measurements, a highly accurate voltage-output resource and deep scan pattern memories.

To fulfill these needs with its established T2000 test platform, Advantest has launched the new 128-channel, air-cooled 500MDM digital module, capable of handling devices with data rates up to 500 Mbps. In addition to having a large 32-Gbit scan pattern memory, the module features a dedicated high-performance parametric measurement unit for every 32 I/O channels, giving the system an expanded current capacity up to 60 milliamperes (mA) for every I/O channel.

The digital module is complemented by the new 32-amp DPS32A device power supply, designed to handle all types of consumer electronic devices. This upgraded system can deliver a one-amp current load and four volts of power across 32 channels. Its high-resolution parametric measurements and continuous sampling function enable a new test methodology of delta IDDQ measurement and IDD spectrum measurement. In addition, the new unit’s ability to measure ultra-low stand-by currents represents an improvement over its predecessor, the DPS500mA power supply.

The T2000 AiR air-cooled test platform is optimized for cost-efficient testing in R&D and volume production. It delivers the fastest operating speed and greatest scan pattern memory among all air-cooled testers available today. The tester’s modular architecture provides maximum flexibility, including the ability to accommodate the new 500MDM and DPS32A instruments. Because the T2000 AiR does not require water cooling, it can be installed anywhere. Additionally, the system’s software is fully compatible with all products in the highly scalable T2000 series.

“Our two new hardware units further extend the capabilities of the T2000 test platform to serve the testing needs of IDMs, foundries and fabless semiconductor companies making IoT-enabled products such as wearable electronics,” said Toshiaki Adachi, vice president of the T2000 Business Unit at Advantest. “The instruments’ modularity and compatibility help our customers to save on capital expenses while also fitting within Advantest’s product-mix strategy.”

Both the 500MDM digital module and the DPS32A power supply module are now shipping to customers.

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