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Advantages of Today’s Tension Fabric Structures

Advantages of Today’s Tension Fabric Structures

This webcast will give you an understanding of how technology has modernized tension fabric structures. No longer suitable only for simple storage buildings, fabric structures on rigid steel frames have the same capabilities as traditional buildings, but with the capacity to customize to specific needs and budgets.

With buyers ranging from small business owners to sports teams to Fortune 100 corporations, fabric structures provide lower life cycle costs and an expedited construction schedule, while making a unique statement.

Legacy draws on over a century of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing and constructing fabric structures and is committed to sustainability and best management practices.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The benefits of rigid steel frames over traditional methods and materials
  • Advancements in fabric attachment and tensioning
  • Architectural features and high quality finishes
  • Advantages of the rigid frame design for applications that require collateral loads and stringent deflection limits

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