Advancing the Civil Design Review Process with Model-Based Reviews

This webinar aired on Wednesday, December 11th at 12pm CST.


Traditional methods of coordinating design work-in-progress often hinder productivity with duplicate design artifacts and disjointed workflows. You need to find ways to eliminate these issues to work more efficiently and deliver your best results. Join this webinar to learn how you can streamline your civil design review workflows and improve the quality assurance of design deliverables. 

Learning Objectives:

    1. Common challenges to efficient design reviews
    2. What to look for in a civil engineering design solution
    3. How to save time by initiating reviews directly from design models
    4. How to make it easier for you and your team to navigate and markup specific elements of your design models
    5. How to leverage digital twins for 4D visualization and project coordination 

Speaker Information:

Taylor Gilmore; Director, Product Management, Civil Infrastructure, Bentley Systems, Inc.

Taylor Gilmore is a director of product management in the Civil Infrastructure group at Bentley Systems and oversees the direction of ProjectWise 365 services and related iTwin services. He has spent the past nine years working on infrastructure management software and has been directly involved in the successful planning, design, and delivery of over 20 infrastructure management systems during his time as a project and product manager at Bentley. During this tenure, Taylor has been closely tied to the infrastructure industry by attending and presenting at transportation, preservation, and asset management conferences, in addition to his role in numerous inspection and asset management software implementations. Taylor has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Grove City College and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



1. A design review solution should allow you easily visualize designs and collect feedback.
2. Manual tracking of design issues can slow down the review process and introduce potential errors.
3. You can’t use iTwin Design Review if you are only working with 2D designs.
4. Stakeholders outside of your organization can also use iTwin Design Review to view and comment on your designs.
5. You only need a web browser to view and comment on the designs using iTwin Design Review.
6. Users can access properties of elements defined by the design application.
7.  iTwin Design Review has a real-time chat interface that can allow multiple reviewers to chat about the design in real-time
8. All comments added to a model using iTwin Design Review will have a saved view associated with it to help other reviewers find the location associated with the comment.
9. iTwin Design Review includes measurement tools that allow reviewers to check the distance and area of elements of the model, and save the measurements within a saved view.
10. iTwin Design Review has cross section view that shows the slope associated with the design location.
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