Advances in planning, design, and performance of wetland treatment systems for water pollution control and wastewater treatment are featured in Treatment Wetlands: Second Edition, just released by CRC Press. The 1,016-page volume offers the latest performance-based designs, as well as implementation, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of wetland treatment systems, including discussions on economics, operational modifications, biosolids wetlands, and wetlands for non-municipal wastewater treatment.

"Factors that affect treatment wetland performance such as hydraulics, internal biogeochemical cycling, and system sizing are paramount in understanding how treatment wetlands function," says Scott Wallace, co-author and senior water services director at Jacques Whitford NAWE, Inc. "This work aims to provide a tool for analyzing the associated performance data and applying it to the engineering design process."

Contents include the following:

  • detailed information on wetland ecology, design for consistent performance, construction guidance, and operational control through effective monitoring;
  • performance data of operational wetland treatment systems that illustrate the variety of technical applications;
  • wastewater characterization and regulatory framework analyses leading to detailed design and economics;
  • state-of-the-art procedures for analyzing hydraulics, hydrology, substrates, and wetlands biogeochemistry;
  • discussion of methods of configuration, construction, and vegetation establishment and startup considerations;
  • definition of performance expectations for traditional pollutants such as suspended solids, biological oxygen demand, nutrients, pathogens, metals, and a wide variety of individual organic and inorganic chemicals;
  • ancillary benefits of human use and wildlife habitat; and
  • extensive and useful reference base of current information.

Treatment Wetlands: Second Edition (ISBN: 9781566705264, ISBN 10: 1566705266) costs $129.95 and is available via the CRC Press website at (CRC catalog number L1526), or contact CRC Press at, 800-272-7737, or fax 800-374-3401.