Waltham, MA – Metal additive manufacturing (AM) opens up a lot of opportunities for manufacturing capability improvement. At the same time, more and more challenges occur on the way to reaching material and cost efficiency, design flexibility, and better performance. Keeping pace with the latest technology advancements, AMC Bridge successfully applied its vast expertise in CAD interoperability development and extensive AM domain knowledge to help Desktop Metal unlock the full potential of their Live Parts™ technology.

With a focus on overcoming the limitations of existing AM technology, Desktop Metal, an award-winning metal 3D printer manufacturer, turned to AMC Bridge to advance Live Parts, a solution for the real-time generative design of metal parts, and seamlessly integrate it into their CAD environment.

With a proven track record of creating simulation applications for engineering, manufacturing, and construction and vast expertise in SOLIDWORKS and Additive Manufacturing, AMC Bridge was entrusted with the project.

The results are impressive. With the implementation of technical improvements, the resulting application is an industry-leading simulation software extension that fully meets user needs and requirements. Leading innovative companies from various industries—medicine, manufacturing, tooling, automotive, consumer electronics, oil and gas—have all enjoyed the benefits of the latest version of Live Parts.

To review the project in more detail, read the AMC Bridge Advances Real-Time Generative Design Technology: Desktop Metal’s Live Parts Case Study.