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Adair County Awarded Preserve Missouri 2024 Project of the Year Project with Veregy

St. Louis, Missouri – In a significant acknowledgment of its groundbreaking efforts in sustainability and economic efficiency, Adair County, in partnership with energy and sustainability frontrunner Veregy, proudly reveals its distinction as the Missouri Preservation 2024 Project of the Year in the Institutional/Civic Building Restoration category. This esteemed honor results from the county’s recent restoration of its 1898 Courthouse, a project steeped in history. The award was fittingly presented to the Adair County Commission in the historic 1917 Missouri State Capital along the banks of the Missouri River in Jefferson City, Missouri.

In this renovation project, Adair County aimed to preserve its historic courthouse with essential renovations and improvements, ensuring its continued service to the community for decades. The architectural integrity of Adair’s courthouse is a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era, making its preservation paramount. However, these structures must also meet present-day needs, necessitating upgrades aligned with modern technology, building codes, and energy requirements.

A Testament to Visionary Leadership and Historical Preservation

Veregy understood that the challenge to the project was implementing these improvements without compromising the historic architectural integrity of the courthouse. Renovations were carried out with the utmost respect for the original design and materials, ensuring that any changes blended seamlessly with the existing structure. This required a deep understanding of historical architecture and innovative solutions to integrate modern technology without disrupting the aesthetic of the courthouse.

Adair County Presiding Commissioner Mark Shahan said, “The renovation project with Veregy has brought new life to our 126-year-old courthouse while respecting the historic significance of the structure. The improvements allow our treasured community icon to meet the needs of our citizens today and future generations as well.”

Innovative Solutions Driving Sustainable Success

The $8.1M renovation project integrated energy-efficient systems into the 126-year-old courthouse structure, reducing energy consumption while maintaining the building’s historical integrity. This included everything from LED lighting mimicking traditional bulbs’ warmth to the geothermal HVAC system installed without altering the building’s facade. Additional improvements included roof replacement; restoration of woodwork, flooring, and ceilings; period-appropriate windows and doors; tuckpointing and masonry repairs; mitigation of structural issues, plumbing, and restroom renovations; and electrical and technology upgrades.

The renovation of Adair County’s historic courthouses was a delicate balancing act between preserving the past and preparing for the future. It required a deep respect for history, a commitment to energy efficiency, and a forward-thinking approach to technology.


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