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ActivePure Donation Fosters Student and Faculty Innovations in Scientific Research at the University of Texas at Dallas

ActivePure Donation Fosters Student and Faculty Innovations in Scientific Research at the University of Texas at Dallas

Grant benefits UT Dallas research in the Richardson Innovation Quarter

ActivePure Technologies, LLC, a Dallas-based air and surface purification technology company has gifted the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) $200,000 over the next two years to advance transformative research as part of the University’s New Dimensions Campaign. Included with the gift is ActivePure Technology which UT Dallas has used to outfit the entire Richardson Innovation Quarter Headquarters (IQ HQ). The City of Richardson is hosting the official grand opening of the Richardson IQ HQ on Sept. 14 at 1302 E Collins Blvd, Richardson, Texas.

To provide a sustainable option to proactively reduce bacteria, mold, fungus, and viruses in the air and on surfaces, including communicable diseases like bird and swine flu and the virus that causes COVID-19, ActivePure is installed throughout the 27,500 square-foot multi-purpose city-owned facility. The facility houses the City of Richardson’s Office of Strategic Initiatives, as well as new UT Dallas centers for emerging, novel, technology and other dedicated space for innovation and entrepreneurship programs, networking and event space at the Richardson IQ HQ.

“The global challenges we face today demand bold innovation, and ActivePure is committed to helping the students and faculty at UT Dallas work toward new scientific findings and their commercialization,” said Joe Urso, CEO and chairman of ActivePure. “We are honored to contribute both financial and technology support to ensure UT Dallas can be a leader in innovation and the new frontier of safe, trusted, and verified indoor air quality. ActivePure is a company that has been built by and through innovation, so we are grateful for this opportunity to support these future leaders in their innovative pursuits.”

David Lary, Ph.D., professor of physics at UT Dallas, joined ActivePure Research Labs, LLC to lead its newly formed Holistic Environmental Aerosol & Reactive component Testing (HEART) initiative.

“Through the HEART initiative, ActivePure in collaboration with UT Dallas, hopes to achieve, with unprecedented precision, the most holistic understanding of interior air environments, the risks they pose, and the most effective modalities to eliminate those risks,” said Lary. “Through advanced technologies including real-time analysis utilizing a comprehensive chemical data assimilation framework (originally written for research at the University of Cambridge and at NASA), we hope to soon “see the invisible” and do more to keep those in our care out of harm’s way. We anticipate findings from this research will further academic, commercial and regulatory understanding of air quality risks and the most sustainable remediation strategies.”

Through its patented technology of Advanced Photocatalysis, ActivePure creates oxidizing molecules that actively seek and reduce airborne and surface pathogens. The technology provides a sustainable and environmentally conscious solution to maintaining indoor air quality in buildings like the new lab.

ActivePure has successfully adapted what happens naturally outdoors for indoor environments. The technology is referred to as advanced photocatalysis, which recreates the sun’s power with UVC lights and a catalyst that works with the humidity within ambient air to create the same naturally occurring oxidizing molecules found outdoors in indoor air. This unique technology is a game-changer as it actively neutralizes surface and airborne pathogens without chemicals or the need to trap or filter contaminants.

For more information about the Richardson Innovation Quarter, visit here RichardsonIQ.com.

For more about UTD at the Richardson IQ HQ, visit here Ventures.UTDallas.edu/Spaces/IQ.

To learn more about ActivePure and its commitment to students and science, visit ActivePure.com.