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ACI launches Concrete Repair Subscription

ACI launches Concrete Repair Subscription

Farmington Hills, Mich. — The American Concrete Institute (ACI) – the global authority for information on concrete design, construction, repair, and materials – launched its new Concrete Repair Subscription. The online subscription includes digital access to the American Concrete Institute’s technical and education content on concrete assessment, repair, rehabilitation, and more.

Subscribers will receive 12 months of access to ACI’s existing concrete repair-specific code requirements/commentary, specifications, guides, reports, symposium volumes, and ACI University on-demand courses, plus new materials as they are published/developed. Specific contents include:

  • 65+ codes, specifications, guides, and reports, including “ACI 562-16: Code Requirements for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures and Commentary,” “ACI 563-18: Specifications for Repair of Concrete in Buildings,” “ACI 364.1R-07: Guide for Evaluation of Concrete Structures Before Rehabilitation,” and more;
  • 16+ educational publications and documents, including “Guide to the Code for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures” and the Repair Application Procedures series;
  • 33+ on-demand courses through ACI University, including all courses required to earn the “ACI Repair Application Procedures” certificate, plus recorded webinars and self-paced courses featuring ACI 562 design examples, guidance for incorporating ACI 563 into concrete repair projects, materials selection for concrete repair, and more; and
  • 25+ symposium volumes containing 500 total papers on a diverse range of concrete repair topics.

Additionally, new concrete repair content developed by the Institute will be made available to subscribers through the life of the subscription.  An annual subscription costs $249 and is a substantial savings over the cost of purchasing the resources individually; the annual subscription cost is reduced to $99 for ACI members.

“The new repair subscription is a landmark concrete resource,” states Ronald G. Burg, ACI Executive Vice President. “Combining nearly 100 years of ACI’s concrete repair knowledge into one easy-to-access online subscription makes this an essential resource to individuals working in the concrete assessment, repair, and rehabilitation industry.”

Learn more at www.concrete.org/repairportal, subscribe through the ACI store at www.concrete.org, or call 248-848-3800.