DERBY, U.K. — AceCAD Software Ltd. has announced its StruAEC evolution series solution for the building and construction industries.

StruAEC evolution offers the industry a unique opportunity to collaborate effectively across contracting strategies to gain more value when executing structural steel projects, to reduce steelwork design, fabrication and construction schedules, and costs, the company said.

StruAEC evolution is built on the Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM) framework that enables the true lifecycle of steel data to be fully utilized in the engineering and construction phases of the project through best practice and knowledge based fabrication.

The StruAEC evolution suite includes:
•StruEngineer — Structural modeling and connection design for structural engineers.
•StruCad — Structural detailing for structural detailing professionals.
•StruM.I.S — Fabrication management and MRP system for fabricators.
•StruConstruct* — Structural construction management for construction project managers and erection teams (*Planned for Q4 2010).
•StruContract* — Fabricator contract management and collaboration portal for EPC companies (*Planned for Q4 2010).
•StruWalker — Collaborative 3D project review tool, integrated and included with StruCad/StruEngineer and StruM.I.S based products. A free download for basic project review is also available.
•StruSupport — Training and technical support.
•StruServices — Engineering, StruCad detailing and consultancy services.

Where fully deployed StruAEC solutions, provide a fully integrated steelwork design and management environment that delivers:
•Comprehensive structural layout, design modeling and detailing that is highly productive, with design detailing automation, and automated deliverables for fabrication.
•Open and established interoperability with leading modeling, design and structural analysis systems, and CNC manufacturers using industry standards.
•Managed and collaborative workflow that controls, monitors and tracks all aspects of structural supply chain through estimating, design, contracts, procurement, suppliers, fabrication, to site delivery and site erection.

Engineering contractors, detailing, fabrication and erection companies will benefit through:
•Structural schedules compression and reducing risk in the supply chain cycle.
•Confidence in design quality and estimate accuracy, with measurable cost reduction through procurement, fabrication and into construction.
•Seamless workflow through the supply chain, eliminating error, reducing rework and oversights.
•Improved cost assessment and communication of change through the supply chain.
•Increased control of structural model and associated deliverables across multiple project office and fabricator locations.
•Improved visibility and traceability of project status and analysis through structural design, fabrication and construction phases.

Paul Daynes, head of AceCad EPC division said: "The StruAEC evolution suite represents a significant investment for AceCad, with productivity, interoperability and collaboration at the core of our developments. We believe we are the only IT vendor delivering solutions for the entire steel data lifecycle, and that the evolution series will define the standard to the steel industry for the next decade."

Furthermore, said Daynes, engineering companies that are progressive in their thinking are embracing the opportunity for change and business improvement over traditional fragmented work processes to the benefit of all and at reduced risk to the project; from engineering contractors, detailers, fabricators and site erection.

“For engineering, users will have more detail and fabrication knowledge much earlier to enable improved structural content in building design systems, constructability reviews, estimate accuracy, and increased control of change through design iterations,” he said. For fabricators and detailers to up sell design knowledge, and real-time status and tracking information to aid project managers and erection teams."

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