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Abatement Technologies Presents the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE

Abatement Technologies Presents the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE

Introducing the new AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE, a dust containment barrier system that significantly reduces construction noise and provides superior sound attenuation. 

Suwanee, GA – Abatement Technologies, a manufacturer of specialized construction containment products designed to help protect those in and around construction in occupied spaces, announces the launch of the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE (AGSHIELD CORE). This is a robust dust containment barrier system that consists of temporary containment walls that are lighter and less expensive than other metal construction containment systems. This product features an attractive white aluminum exterior, durable galvanized steel interior, and a sound attenuating closed-cell foam core.

Andrew Harber, CEO, Abatement Technologies, said, “The AGSHIELD CORE was created to enhance the durability, sound attenuation, and thermal properties of our prefabricated modular wall systems. It was designed to work with the existing hardware of our other panel systems and has the ability to easily connect without the need for adaptors. This level of flexibility gives users the ability to combine different types of panels, such as clear and core, when increased visibility is needed.”

The AGSHIELD CORE has a reusable and ergonomic design, making it environmentally friendly and a breeze to set up. What traditionally could take a team days to install, the AGSHIELD CORE is able to be installed within hours by just two people. With the cost of construction materials and labor demands increasing, the AGSHIELD CORE is economically friendly and can pay for itself in as little as two uses. It’s rugged and durable all-metal construction allows it to stand up to the demands of the construction environment.

In third-party testing the panels of the AGSHIELD CORE reduced the noise level of an air compressor operating at 90dB at a distance of eight feet from the wall by 20dB. With its reliability and easy-to-assemble design, the AGSHIELD CORE is best suited for any construction that is happening in adjacent occupied areas.

Whatever the project, the AGSHIELD CORE provides a durable solution that maintains quality, reduces weight, and preserves a dust-free environment during installation and removal of the modular wall system. With the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE, healthcare and related industries are poised to protect critical environments from harmful particulates and compounds faster and more efficiently than ever before.

To learn more about the AIRE GUARDIAN® SHIELD CORE, visit: https://abatement.com/agcore/

For more information about Abatement Technologies solutions, visit www.abatement.com.