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66% of Engineering Leaders Indicate Remote Work is Here to Stay

66% of Engineering Leaders Indicate Remote Work is Here to Stay

CTOs who embrace remote work can unlock a global talent pool

NEW YORK (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Andela, the global talent network that helps companies build remote engineering teams, today announced the results of a survey that indicates many organizations will embrace remote work for the long term. According to the survey data, 74% of engineering leaders said that their teams had transitioned to fully remote as a result of Covid-19, and 66% indicated that they plan to continue allowing remote work after the pandemic subsides. An accelerated shift to permanent remote work allows engineering leaders to rethink their staffing strategies, tapping more global resources, which can increase productivity and cultural diversity.

“Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the trend toward remote work. What’s interesting here is it looks like those gains are not going to be temporary,” says Andela CEO Jeremy Johnson. “This data shows that engineering leaders have realized that they can maintain productivity while simultaneously unlocking a global talent pool.”

Major findings of Andela’s Remote Engineering Survey:

  • Prior to Covid, 13% of engineering teams were fully remote. As a result of the pandemic, that number has increased to 74%.
  • 66% of engineering teams believe they will continue to allow remote work after the threat of Covid-19 has subsided.
  • Only 22% of engineering leaders express a preference for engineers working in an office environment following the pandemic.

Methodology: Andela surveyed 100 CTOs and VPs of Engineering from a combination of high-growth startups (above 200 employees) and large enterprises.

As more organizations seek to tap into the global talent market, the need for a partner to help source, screen and match engineering talent with companies will become increasingly clear. For hundreds of leading engineering organizations like GitHub, Cloudflare, and Bleacher Report, Andela is that partner.

As the world’s first long-term talent network, Andela identifies the best software engineers in emerging markets and matches them with the world’s top engineering firms. Since 2014, Andela has screened hundreds of thousands of engineers and developed systems for identifying talent in markets that all too often get overlooked, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt. By removing the hurdles that prevent companies from accessing top global talent, Andela has become the most efficient way to scale engineering output and, in the process, changed the way great teams and products are built.

About Andela
Andela is a global talent network that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers in emerging markets. Hundreds of leading companies like GitHub, Cloudflare, and ViacomCBS leverage Andela to scale their engineering teams quickly and cost effectively. A distributed organization spanning four continents, Andela is backed by investors including Generation Investment Management, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Spark Capital, and Google Ventures.