5 Simple Steps to Modernize Your Firm — Moving your Project Management, Billing and Accounting to Mobile and Cloud


This webinar aired on May 16, 2019

With all the technology available today it’s complicated to know what will help impact your bottom line, how much time it will take to implement, and how to make those decisions. However, choosing a unified project management is an essential part of a successful firm. Join BQE Software CEO Shafat Qazi, a former engineer firm owner who will give you the guidance to modernizing your firm by migrating the day-to-day project management, client billing and accounting tasks to your smart phone and cloud services as a combination of powerful tools. Learn what can go wrong and how to prepare for that, while understanding the benefits of cloud and mobile to maximize the potential of your firm.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Key features to look for when selecting project management software
  • How to manage the short transition from your old software to more a modern platform
  • Why is mobile important and how to untether yourself from a desktop
  • How training and implementation can set you up for success
  • The ROI on your software investment

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Take the Quiz

1. Which one of these is NOT a cloud infrastructure provider?
2. A Cloud native software provides better security for your data.
3. For businesses using cloud software, it takes them longer to recover from a disaster
4. Which one of these should NOT move to the cloud
5. A modern firm discourages its employees from bringing their own devices to work.
6. Which one of these is NOT a cloud storage provider
7. In this webinar, Shafat recommends converting your server room to sleeping POD for employees.
8. BQE Core is a true cloud based software that offers time and expense tracking, project management, billing and accounting
9. Which one of these functionalities is NOT offered by BQE Core?
10. Shafat recommends encouraging employees to use mobile apps for business because they provided richer user experience
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