ST. PAUL, MINN. — 3M Co. has introduced 3M Fire Protection Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) Objects. The new objects support architectural designs using the 3D BIM approach. Architects can now integrate 3M Fire Protection products into their 3D design specifications, the company said.

By integrating into the total 3D building design, 3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects help streamline communication and intent in downstream activities, while supporting the spatial visibility of the through penetrations, joints, and duct wrap fire protection systems in a building.

“3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects work seamlessly with 3D design programs to help make designing easier, eliminate mistakes, and improve communication between architects and contractors,” said Jenny Hicks, marketing manager for 3M Fire Protection Products. “BIM is clearly revolutionizing the building design process and our new Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects make it easy for architects and contractors to spec specific products and fire stop systems into their plans, which helps prevent overbuying and saves time normally spent manually figuring construction schedules. The powerful new Revit content will add data-rich families to your BIM projects, speed fire stop detailing, and provide valuable life-cycle information for all users of the BIM model: architects, engineers, contractors, owners and facility management teams.”

The new 3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects are available in myriad categories, including through penetrations in concrete floor, concrete brick walls and gypsum walls, construction joints, head-of-wall perimeter joints, as well as duct wrap protection systems. Architects and contractors can access 3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects online at the 3M Fire Protection website (, as well as through the popular industry resource website: Auto Desk Seek (

3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects are content-rich, face-based systems that are fully integrated with Revit families and therefore, can be placed in industry-standard BIM reference models. They are product systems/assemblies-based BIM models, as opposed to product models, and therefore provide uniquely applicable BIM options specific to fire stop. Additionally, 3M’s new Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects incorporate shared parameters, which give architects and contractors the ability to create schedules and quality take-offs.

“3M was instrumental in making the fire protection category of products an essential element in commercial building construction 30 years ago, and continues to be on the forefront in developing fire stopping products,” said Hicks. “The new 3M Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects are an example of the advanced technology 3M Fire Protection is known for. We are very excited to make the Fire Protection Revit BIM Objects available, allowing architects the ability to easily spec in top-of-the-line products and further improve the interoperability of their designs.”

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