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212 Environmental Products Opens Ecommerce Store to Support Demand for Vapor Monitoring Solutions

212 Environmental Products Opens Ecommerce Store to Support Demand for Vapor Monitoring Solutions

CINCINNATI-(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 212 Environmental Products, LLC today announced a new online store that sells proprietary soil vapor monitoring, mitigation, and remediation equipment. The store, www.212enviroproducts.com, was launched in response to a growing demand for solutions that accurately measure the concentration of contaminants in vapor and prevent these contaminants from getting into the indoor air within overlying buildings.

Paul Michalski and his team founded 212 Environmental Products following their extensive experience helping clients across the country resolve their environmental challenges with sustainable solutions. “After many years monitoring and addressing vapor intrusion issues within homes and businesses, we developed our own vapor monitoring equipment, mitigation systems, and remediation solutions to solve our clients’ problems,” said Michalski. “We recognize that there are likely thousands of environmental projects going on across the country that would benefit from similar solutions. Our products solve universal challenges facing consultants during monitoring, mitigation, and remediation of soil vapor at contaminated project sites.”

212 Environmental Product’s flagship product, the 212 Low-Flow Vapor Monitoring System (212 Low-Flow VMS), allows technicians to successfully complete shut-in testing, pneumatic testing, tracer testing, stabilization verification, and the collection of a soil vapor sample using the 212 Soil Vapor ProbeSoil Vapor Probe Adapter, and Soil Vapor Sampling Tee. The 212 Environmental Low-Flow Vapor Monitoring System is also available bundled with a Sub-Slab Starter Kit or a Nested Well Starter Kit.

Additional products available in the store include the 212 Total Phase Extraction Flowmeter (212 TPE Flowmeter), which allows for simultaneous measuring of vapor and water flow rates within an extraction well fitted with a 212 Total Phase Extraction Control Assembly. The 212 TPE Flowmeter incorporates three (low, mid, and high range) differential pressure gauges, which increase both the flexibility and accuracy in measuring extraction rates, especially when conditions vary from well to well. The in-line water knockout allows for measuring the water recovery rate and additionally serves to protect the differential pressure gauges by separating water from soil vapor.

To oversee the growth that has come with the launch of the online store, 212 Environmental Products has appointed Jamey Webb as Director of Business Development & Marketing. Michalski said, “Jamey has the right mix of diverse experiences to help fuel our growth. We welcome his leadership and business insights as we work to expand the awareness of 212 Environmental Products and the reach of our solutions.”

For more information about products and pricing, visit www.212enviroproducts.com.