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Helical Piles-Tiebacks-Anchors Tradeshow and Educational Seminar

Helical Piles-Tiebacks-Anchors Tradeshow and Educational Seminar

Live Installation Demos and Outdoor Equipment Exhibitions Planned for Helical Piles-Tiebacks-Anchors Tradeshow and Educational Seminar

June 4-5, Cincinnati, Ohio

 Hawthorne, N.J. – A unique program is planned for the Helical Piles-Tiebacks-Anchors Tradeshow and Educational Seminar organized by Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) and Helical Pile World (HPW), June 4-5, 2019, at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The event includes a structured indoor technical education program each morning followed by an outdoor equipment exhibition and live installation and testing demonstrations that highlight the products, resources and expertise used to design, install and test helical pile and anchor elements for structural support and earth retention applications. The event also includes general exhibits featuring helical pile and anchor manufacturers and distributors, installation contractors and equipment manufacturers, pile testing service companies, and engineering service companies.

The indoor technical educational program comprises presentations by helical pile experts on design, codes, QC/QA processes and innovations. The program also includes a Pile Prediction Competition in which participating attendees review subsurface and pile installation information and try to predict the compressive resistance of a pile installed at the site at various pile head displacements.

Outdoor Program

In the afternoons on both days, attendees will circulate through outdoor stations including a load test area and equipment exhibits presented by leading manufacturers and suppliers. At each station, industry experts will present information on all aspects of helical pile installation and testing, new applications and innovations for helical pile use and construction.

Load Testing Area: DFI member companies have donated various pile types to be installed and tested in the Load Testing Area. Tension, compression, lateral load and dynamic testing will be conducted throughout the seminar. Attendees will have plenty of opportunity to see the load testing in action and ask questions about set up, testing procedures and analysis of results. The Load Test Area educational program is being supported by the Conte Company, Hubbell Power Systems-Chance, Magnum Piering, CTL-Thompson and GRL Engineers.

Hubbell Power Systems-Chance is showcasing different philosophies for resisting bending moments, lateral loads and unconfined lengths using helical piles through station-by-station displays of different pre-assembled structures and live demonstrations. Helical pile products, brackets, adapters, simulated boardwalk elevated structures, battered (incline) piles, steel grillage supported on multiple helical piles for monopole or lattice tower structures, grouted pile installation, and underpinning/ foundation repair will be featured.

MacLean Power Systems and Pileworks are demonstrating alternative piling foundations featuring Composite Pile Foundation, a 48-in drilled shaft alternate, comprising three 4.5-in non-grouted steel piles connected with a 5.5-ft diameter composite cap section, bolted together for a truly revolutionary design. During the demonstration, a compression load test will be conducted on the three piles as a group and a lateral load test on one pile demonstrating its lateral load capacity in weak soils. MacLean and Pileworks representatives will present and answer any questions regarding these applications.

SSRG and Ideal are demonstrating various applications of helical piles. The display includes a temporary self-storage building erected over four vertical helical piles; a mockup wall (10-ft high x 6-ft wide) showing a helical tieback with anchor head, bearing plates and 100-ton jack set up; a load test set up including four reaction piles over a 3-1/2-in diameter test pile; and installation of large diameter helical piles (6- and 7-in diameter). SSRG and Ideal representatives will highlight processes for setup, installation and connections/anchor head details for these applications.

American Piledriving Equipment (APE) and Pileworks are demonstrating installation of large diameter piles, and will install a 9‑5/8-in pipe with 18/24 helices and conduct compression and lateral tests. APE will also install a 14-in pile with 22/28 helices and debut its APE Equipment Platform. APE representatives will describe the various equipment packages for installation and applications where these large diameters elements are best used. Pileworks representatives will present capacity predictions in correlation with geotechnical information and communicate the advantages of adding grout to the design to potentially increase capacity.

Magnum Piering is demonstrating field installation quality control, a variety of torque monitoring devices, pile logging with an emphasis on safe construction and inspection practices. The company’s large diameter pile, composite piles, pile cap connections and other helical products will be displayed.  Industry experts will be on hand throughout the program to answer questions about design and installation of helical piles.

The event is expected to draw contractors, engineers, building officials, utility and transportation professionals, civil engineering professors and students.

For more information or to register to attend or exhibit visit www.dfi.org/helical19.