Senior Structural Engineer, Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

Perkins has developed a diverse project portfolio focused on evaluation and design of long-span and complex bridges, including post-tensioned segmental bridges, curved steel girders, trusses, tied arches, cable stayed structures, and long span suspension bridges, as well as evaluation and retrofit of large concrete gravity dams. He serves as a corporate expert in advanced numerical modeling and simulation. His finite element modeling expertise extends to non-linear, dynamic, soil-structure interaction, time-dependent, and staged construction considerations. For complex bridge and dam projects, he has performed non-linear simulations incorporating geometric and material non-linearity based on both elastic and plastic theories. His dynamic analysis experience ranges from simple modal analysis to explicit time-history simulations. Perkins is familiar with a wide variety of structural analysis software packages and serves as a Stantec corporate resource for the use and implementation of these programs.

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