WASHINGTON D.C. — CG/LA Infrastructure Inc. released the 2014 Strategic Top 100 – Global Infrastructure Projects Report. The Strategic Top 100 identifies the projects that will go forward globally in 2014, and includes projects spanning 11 infrastructure sectors and 40 countries.

“The Strategic Top 100 identifies and highlights those infrastructure projects that are strategic for sustained economic growth and broad opportunity creation around the world” says Norman Anderson, president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure. “We also recognize those extraordinary executives leading those projects, true economic heroes who will be honored at our upcoming 7th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum.”

The Strategic Top 100 is organized into 11 infrastructure subsectors: Airports ($145.6 billion); Electricity – Generation & Transmission ($36.5 billion); Freight Rail ($84.2 billion); High Speed Rail ($17.9 billion); Highways & Bridges ($54.6 billion); Urban Planning ($20.8 billion); Oil & Gas projects ($24.5 billion); Heavy Rail ($124.9 billion); Light Rail ($20 billion); and Water & Wastewater ($61.5 billion).

Key sectors that stand out this year include a dramatic rebound in airport projects, led by the ‘aerotropolis’ concept; urban mass transit projects, driven by both urbanization and the rapid emergence of transit-oriented communities; and water and wastewater, which recognizes more than 20 years of underinvestment in the sector. The five countries with the highest project value included on the list are the U.K. at $99 billion followed by China’s $81 billion, Turkey’s $56 billion, Qatar’s $44.2 billion and UAE’s $44 billion.

Projects are selected based on a six-month process assessing more than 400 global projects in 72 countries around six specific criteria assessing a project’s:
(1) contribution to global, regional, and national competitiveness;
(2) contribution to local and regional economic productivity;
(3) job creation potential over the lifetime of the project;
(4) business opportunity in the next 3-18 months, and over the lifetime of the project;
(5) carbon efficiency/sustainability; and
(6) country’s track record for delivering projects on schedule and within budget.

7th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum
The Strategic Top 100 list is released annually in the lead-up to the Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum, to be held in New York City, Feb. 26-28, 2014. The theme this year is “The Strategic Top 100 and the Clusters that Matter — Compete Globally; Build Locally.” The Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum provides a dynamic infrastructure marketplace to over 500 executives that make up the market, including global engineering, design, and construction firms, technology and equipment providers, commercial banks, institutional investors, multilateral development banks, and public-sector leaders on the national, provincial and municipal levels.

Partners leading the 7th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum include:
• Strategic Partner: AECOM Corporation;
• Knowledge Partner: Boston Consulting Group;
• Project of the Year Awards Partner: Aconex;
• Platinum Partners: AES Corporation, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank;
• Gold Partners: Active Risk, Millennium Challenge Corporation.

For more information on CG/LA Infrastructure and the 7th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum, visit www.cg-la.com.

Download The Strategic Top 100 Project list at www.cg-la.com/intelligence/strategic-100.