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Q.E.D. Snap Sampler System Improves Groundwater Sampling Capacity with New 250 ml Bottles

Q.E.D. Snap Sampler System Improves Groundwater Sampling Capacity with New 250 ml Bottles

Passive PFAS-Free sampling system reduces doubles sample volume increases size by 30 percent 

Dexter, MI  – Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc. (NYSE: GGG), has released new features for its award winning Snap Sampler® passive groundwater sampling system. The Snap Sampler system is available with a new 250 ml bottle and module in addition to the existing 125 and 350 ml modules and 40 ml VOA vial. Up to 1.5 liters can be sampled with a series of six 250 ml modules, and modules of all sizes can be mixed and matched in a series of up to six modules to allow maximum flexibility.

The Snap Sampler system delivers a PFAS-free alternative for groundwater sampling and enables fast sampling with no limitations on analyte testing. The Snap Sampler system uses unique sample bottles with snap sealing caps that are set open at both ends. The bottles are loaded into individual Snap Sampler modules that can be stacked in series to match sampling requirements. Water within the well screen zone moves through the bottles and reaches equilibrium with formation water moving through the well. To collect samples, a manual trigger line or pneumatic actuator releases the spring-loaded caps and captures samples under in-situ conditions. The Snap Sampler modules are retrieved from the well, and the bottles are removed for shipment to the laboratory. Preservatives can be added right through the snap cap without opening the bottles. Modules are then redeployed with a new set of bottles and left in place until the next sampling event.

Snap Sampler bottles are available in four sizes: glass 40 ml VOA vial size and HDPE 125, 250 and 350 ml sizes. The 40, 125 and 250 ml bottles fit in 2 inch (50 mm) diameter and larger monitoring wells. The 350 ml bottles can be used in 4 inch (100 mm) diameter and larger wells. The 40 ml VOA vial can be used directly in standard laboratory auto sampler equipment—no special handling is required by the lab. The plastic bottles are ideal for larger volume collection, metals or other analytes. Up to six modules can be connected in any combination at the desired sampling depth within the well screen interval. There’s no depth limitation with the Snap Sampler system—samples have been collected at depths of as little as seven feet (2.1 meters) and greater than 2,000 feet (600 m).

For more information, visit www.qedenv.com.