Flexible leachfield chambers
Infiltrator Systems Quick4 Standard and Equalizer Chambers feature installation flexibility, contouring capability, and multiple piping options. The product is designed for curved and straight systems for all leachfield applications. A Contour Swivel Connection provides a 10- to 15-degree right or left turning capability of the assembled chambers to follow land contours or form an S curve, as well as to avoid obstacles. The 4-foot length of the Quick4 chambers provides design and installation flexibility, as does the MultiPort End Cap, which allows piping to enter or exit the system from various directions. According to the company, Quick4 Standard and Equalizer 36 Chambers can withstand 16,000 lb/axle force with only 6 inches of cover.
Infiltrator Systems, Inc.

Air flotation solids removal
HydroFlo Water Treatment, Inc., introduced the HydroFlo Dissolved Air Flotation (HDAF) unit for removing solids from wastewater by injection of fine air bubbles that attach to and float suspended material for subsequent mechanical removal. The HDAF unit combines a high-density micro-bubble aeration device with a low-horsepower pump to reduce costs, compared with conventional dissolved air flotation systems that either use a recycle water pump, saturation vessel, and air compressor; or a cavitation pump. According to HydroFlo, the HDAF minimizes the introduction of recycle water, reduces horsepower requirements by 40 percent to 60 percent, thus decreasing operating costs, and delivers more air per gallon of recycle water.
HydroFlo Water Treatment, Inc.

Analyze collection system performance
ADS Environmental Services offers Sliicer.com, a set of online engineering tools designed to examine wastewater collection system dry and wet weather flow data. According to the company, Sliicer.com assimilates massive quantities of data into calculations and generates repeatable analyses of collection system performance. The Internet-accessible program incorporates scattergraph tools, assesses the operational capacity of pipe, diagnoses upstream and downstream SSOs, and simulates the pipes performance during rain events. It can include pre- and post-rehabilitation analyses.
ADS Environmental Services

Wastewater collection/removal
The Little Giant WCR-9S collection and removal system from Little Giant Pump Company handles wastewater and solid waste as large as 2 inches in diameter. The system is ideal for light to medium commercial and industrial applications, including dewatering, effluent waste, wastewater, and sewage handling where materials must be moved upward from a collection area to sewer or septic lines or drainage areas. The WCR-9S system is designed so that the basin cover is flush with ground level. Discharge and electrical connections are routed through the side of the 20-inch by 30-inch basin.
Little Giant Pump Company

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