Bridge design software
Bentley Systems, Inc., acquired TDV GmbH, a provider of structural modeling, analysis, and design software for bridge engineering. TDV’s RM 2006 program for static and dynamic design and analysis of steel, concrete, and composite structures is applicable to the design of virtually all bridge types. RM 2006 provides built-in time dimension, parametric geometry definition, and integrated tendon design, allowing calculation of time-dependent properties for all bridge types and construction sequences. In addition, it supports design to a full array of international design codes, including AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Bridge Specifications, and offers linear and nonlinear analysis options, including segmental construction loading, stage construction and erection control, stochastic wind event design, computational fluid dynamics, and wind tunnel simulation.
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Precast barriers
Transpo Industries, Inc.’s Visi-Barrier precast polymer concrete panels are used for median barriers, tunnels, bridge parapets, and rails. The panels are available in standard and modified shapes for use in wall, corrosion, and impact protection. Length, height, and shape can be varied depending on the engineering plan and design. An optional retro-reflective safety stripe gives high visibility in all weather conditions. According to the company, the bright white surface resists salts, chlorides, and corrosion.
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Highway project cost estimator
Earth Tech’s TRAnsportation Cost EstimatoR (TRACER) software is a parametric cost estimating tool created to help plan and budget for highway and bridge construction/renovation projects at the pre-design and preliminary design phases. TRACER uses pre-engineered model parameters and construction criteria to estimate project costs with limited design information. This is achieved by establishing default quantities based on similar projects and experienced engineering assumptions. Predefined and documented engineering relationships link primary parameters to detailed design assumptions and associated engineering quantities. Additional project knowledge can be incorporated to further refine the accuracy of the cost estimate. Engineering assumptions can be modified as site conditions change.
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Soil and asphalt testing system
Instron developed the SATEC Series DX Compression System, which according to the company, exceeds many California Test Method (CTM) standards. The compression testing system is equipped with automatic exudation detection for soils and audio prompting for stabilometer testing for asphalt and soils. As moisture is detected in a soil sample by the exudation fixture, a PLC interface determines if exudation has occurred according to CTM301. When exudation occurs, the test ends automatically and load results are instantly reported in the Partner software. An audio alert for stabilometer testing prompts the operator at each load level when a reading is required from the stabilometer pressure gauge.
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Structural reinforcement for retaining walls
CINTEC America, Inc., offers Paratec (PARApet TEChniques), a versatile method of internal structural reinforcement designed to meet specific requirements of masonry parapet and retaining walls. The Paratec system strengthens low parapet masonry walls or a low wall that is part of a bridge or an embankment while remaining sensitive to the original architecture and without narrowing roadways or rebuilding the wall. At the site, the CINTEC Reinforcing Anchor System, fashioned out of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, is inserted into the structure in need of reinforcement. A specially-developed, non-polymer, cement-like grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout then fuses with the mesh, expands, and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space.
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Rapid concrete repair
Lafarge’s new Chronolia concrete can be transported and handled like conventional fluid concrete, and once laid, rapidly develops high mechanical strength. According to the company, formwork can be removed four hours after manufacture. Chronolia has the same workability as conventional ready-mixed concrete and can be used on all construction sites, as well as to repair road surfaces and civil engineering structures, which means they can be brought back into service rapidly, reducing disruption caused by construction.
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Precast roadway products
Precast Specialties Corporation (PSC) offers a wide range of precast concrete roadway products in standard configurations or in custom sizes to meet project specifications. PSC roadway products include 18-inch- or 24-inch-high straight curbing in lengths from 2 feet to 6 feet; radius curbing in many standard radii from 2 feet to 70 feet; radius corners; angled corners; inlets; and sidewalk ramps (straight or radius). Curbing products are delivered with layout drawings, loaded in sequence, and labeled for easy installation. All PSC roadway products are made from air-entrained, superplasticized, 5,000-psi concrete.
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Pavement design and analysis software
Propex’s Roadways And Civil Engineering (R.A.C.E.) software features two design modules—Unpaved Roads and Flexible Pavement Design—and, according to the company, provides tools and resources to plan and implement proven, cost-effective designs. Users can change and analyze input variables such as subgrade strength or structural materials to develop optimum performance and a cost-effective design. Designs are presented with and without geotextiles for effective cost-benefit analysis. The free software also provides a life-cycle cost analysis that reinforces pavement management choices and enables engineers to project how much additional budget will be freed for other road projects.
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Infrared pavement repairs
Kasi Infrared says its Patriot system can be used for all types of asphalt pavement repairs in which traditional methods are used, including alligator cracking, potholes, utility cuts, and settling against concrete walks or barriers. According to the company, the Kasi Patriot with a cab-over design delivers all the equipment and functionality normally only available on larger infrared truck systems. A single chassis, 22 feet long, contains a 48-square-foot infrared pavement heater, a 2-ton- or 4-ton-capacity asphalt reclaimer, a large tool storage area, a compactor compartment, and a dumping waste bin.
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Asphalt pavement sealers
Bonsal American’s Amguard commercial asphalt pavement coatings brand, now offers three pavement sealers—Amguard S-250, Amguard Pro-Blend, and Amguard Fed-Spec. These sealers are applied as preventive maintenance to enhance the appearance of pavement and help extend its service life. According to the company, all three sealers close pavement pores to prevent damaging water, oil, and gas penetration while forming a tough, protective skin to ward off oxidation and the sun’s damaging rays. The sealers also contain additives to reduce odor.
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