AIIM and NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies offer the International Organization for Standardizationapproved PDF/Archive (PDF/A). PDF/A enables organizations to archive documents electronically in a way that will ensure preservation of content over an extended period of time and also allow the documents to be retrieved and rendered with a consistent and predictable result in the future.

The use of PDF 1.4 (PDF/A-1) defines a file format based on Portable Document Format (PDF) which provides a mechanism for representing electronic documents in a manner that preserves their visual appearance over time, independent of the tools and systems used for creating, storing, and rendering the files. PDF/A is a subset of PDF, which is already widely accepted for the delivery of final-format documents.


Accounting and project management

Axium, leading the way for easy-to-use complete accounting and project management software for the architectural and engineering industry, announces the release of Ajera 2.0. Ajera 2.0 gives clients more control over productivity, performance, and profitability by including an in-house payroll feature, which provides firms the option to process payroll internally or use an outside payroll service. This robust and flexible new release enables Ajera clients to take complete control of their payroll, saving time and effort and allowing employees to focus on value add projects. Ajera’s dashboard empowers firms to manage payroll quickly and efficiently directly from their desktop. Ajera 2.0 provides many benefits including multiple pay rate tables, direct deposit, government reporting, automatic updates to tax tables, and unlimited pay types, deductions, and fringes.


Beam, joist, and rafter sizing

ConstructionCalc, Inc., offers ProBeam v3.0 beam, joist, and rafter sizing software.With as few as four inputs, get more than 20 simultaneous solutions, including sawn wood, I-joist, glu-lam, PSL,LVL, LSL, steel tube, and steel wide flange. Learning is simple with more than 30, free illustrated examples online at Features include the following: design any beam, header, joist, or rafter in less than a minute; evaluate more than 20 alternative solutions per run; pick the material you want to use, not what someone else tells you to use; redesign inefficient framing layouts; tear out the bearing wall and replace it with the right beam; design deck beams and joists, posts and footings using other ConstructionCalc software products; and check a sagging or bouncy rafter or joist to see how close or far it is from meeting code.

ConstructionCalc, Inc.

Element analysis and design

RAM International announces the release of RAM Advanse Version 7.0, a general purpose finite element analysis and design software system. RAM Advanse Version 7.0 represents the introduction of the Engineering Desktop System. RAM Advanse now contains its first building component modules for isolated design and investigation, including retaining wall and continuous beam design modules. Some of the major new features included in Version 7.0 include the following: a retaining wall design module for reinforced concrete and masonry walls; a customized continuous beam module for steel, wood, or concrete design, complete with automatic skip loading and custom bay-by-bay report; a finite element engine based on a state-of-the-art direct sparse solver with bandwidth optimization, reducing both analysis time and storage requirements by as much as 90 percent, additional optimization criteria based on resistance and deflection; and through (out-of-plane) shear in shells presented graphically and in reports.

RAM International

Organization resources

The Viapoint product is intended to organize resources for the desktop user.The tools are adapters to desktop applications and internet resources that work to synthesize virtual folders of common themes of people, companies, and business relationships.

Viapoint completes filing for the user by automatically building the core virtual folders for people and companies and providing utilities to merge contacts as well as monitoring listeners that grab the files, emails, chats, and RSS data as they are created. This allows users to connect great amounts of data stored in silos on their desktop or in enterprise applications in a usable workspace. The early access beta program allows users to help shape the direction of Viapoint Smart Organizer. The program includes users in the design and development process.


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