Pavement reinforcement

Tensar Earth Technologies (TET) obtained from Saint- Gobain Technical Fabrics exclusive sales and marketing rights for the GlasGrid product line throughout North and South America. GlasGrid is a stiff, fiberglass material coated with an elastomeric polymer that reinforces asphalt concrete overlays.

According to TET, GlasGrid dissipates stress concentrated in the asphalt layer to reduce reflective cracking caused by traffic loads, age hardening, and temperature fluctuations. It is used both in new pavements and in repaving projects. GlasGrid products are marketed with Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrids, the key component of TET—s Spectra Roadway Improvement System. The Spectra Roadway Improvement Systen is used to stabilize subgrade layers and reinforce base course layers.

Tensar Earth Technologies,Inc.


Integrated GIS and survey system

Topcon Positioning Systems said its new GMS- 110 is the world—s first integrated GIS data collection and land survey system. The GMS-110 is designed to work with Topcon—s FC-100 field computer, featuring a color touch screen and Windows CE operating system. The instrument will operate with software solutions based on ESRI—s ArcPad, and also is compatible with Topcon—s TopSURV-GIS, which features both GIS data collection and land surveying functions. The GMS-110 incorporates all of the primary position correction services —” Coast Guard Beacon, WAAS, EGNOS, and OmniSTAR-VBS. Internal lithium ion batteries power the unit for 14 hours. Topcon—s integrated system design and Bluetooth wireless technology eliminate external cables and components.

Topcon Positioning Systems


Erosion control training DVD

The Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) produced an educational DVD on the proper installation of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). The DVD, which includes sections on installation of RECPs in channels, slopes, and shorelines, is one initiative in the ECTC—s drive for education and standardization within the industry. A visual educational tool, the new DVD provides step-by-step instruction on correct installation procedures, including site preparation, RECP placement, RECP stapling/staking, anchor trench details, and shingling of RECPs. Each of the three DVD sections is approximately 8 minutes long and focuses only on installation; it does not contain product selection or design information.

Erosion Control Technology Council


Flexible geomembranes

Plastatech Engineering offers PlastaFlex Geomembranes for a variety of industrial and civil engineering applications, including landfill lining and covers, secondary containment, potable water storage/containment, water treatment, agricultural ponds, and retaining walls. According to the company, the reinforced and non-reinforced geomembranes withstand extreme temperatures; deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength; resist harsh ultraviolet, oil, and chemical attacks; and feature exceptional flexibility to make installation easier in irregularly contoured applications. The PlastaFlex product line includes Tech 5 hightenacity reinforced geomembrane and PlastaFlex IG (industrial grade), PlastaFlex OR (oil resistant), and PlastaFlex PW (potable water) non-reinforced geomembranes.

Plastatech Engineering,Ltd.


Stormwater retention/detention

Hancor—s LandSaver is a stormwater retention/detention chamber that the company said provides effective and long-lasting subsurface storage for commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential development, enhancing site optimization.

LandSaver—s open bottom design can retain stormwater and then allow it to infiltrate slowly into the soil, assisting in recharging the groundwater. The chamber also can be used for detention to relieve peak flows through an outlet control structure.

According to Hancor, lightweight construction makes LandSaver easy to install; secure, overlapping joints provide a dependable connection; and sidewall openings and the open bottom reduce the need for expensive connections.

Hancor, Inc.


Point cloud processing

Trimble RealWorks Survey software version 5.0 provides an enhanced set of tools for processing 3-D point clouds and 2-D images. According to the company, the program—s EasyProfile feature is the first step to automatic generation of 2-D and 3-D drawings, allowing almost direct export into major CAD packages including AutoCAD and Microstation. A Profile Fitter allows internally generated or imported profiles to be positioned interactively relative to the point cloud. RealWorks 5.0 allows users to subdivide large projects into data subsets to make image processing easier and quicker. A free point cloud data viewer —” RealWorks Viewer —” allows clients or colleagues to visualize deliverables in 3-D.


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