Erosion control

Belton Industries, Inc.
Belton Industries, Inc., introduced Geojute Stabilizer, a 100-percent biodegradable geotextile fabric that can be used for temporary sub-soil stabilization or as an erosion control blanket. The product is available in 12.5-foot-wide by 100-foot-long rolls covering 138.9 square yards. As an erosion control fabric, Geojute Stabilizer works with all coir fabrics as a cost-effective inner-liner, according to the company, when designed in conjunction with vegetated geogrids along stream and river banks. Chemstar Products Company
Chemstar Products Company offers StarTak 100, a naturally occurring, organic tackifier for use as a hydroseeding mulch tackifier, straw/hay overspray binder, or soil stabilization/dust abatement agent. StarTak 100 is derived from 100-percent natural starch polymer and includes a protein that is a natural source of nitrogen, which acts as a slow-release fertilizer to increase seed germination and vegetation establishment. The organic polymer has a hydrophilic nature that allows StarTak 100 to absorb and retain water, which, according to Chemstar, improves seed germination rates and reduces irrigation frequency in mulch applications.

CONTECH Construction Products, Inc.
CONTECH Construction Products, Inc., offers a number of hard-armor products to control erosion in waterways and channels. Armortec Armorflex mats comprise open- and closed-cell, interlocking concrete blocks that are cabled longitudinally with galvanized steel aircraft or polyester cables. CONTECHs Petraflex mattresses-interlocking concrete units joined by two-way, corrosion-resistant cables-are placed on geotextile fabric to provide permeability. The mattresses articulate to conform to channel bends. Additional hard-armor products include Geolink, which comprises high-strength concrete units that are hand-placed in dry bed applications and then locked together; Armortec A-Jacks Bank Revetments, which are concrete units assembled into a highly permeable, interlocking matrix and then filled with soil to support woody vegetation; and Gabions, which are rectangular cells assembled from steel wire mesh and then filled with stone.

Donnelly Fabricators, Inc.
Texicon Erosion Control Systems from Donnelly Fabricators, Inc., are constructed by pumping fine-aggregate concrete (structural grout) into continuous, high-strength fabric forms. The systems can be installed underwater and are available in various styles and surface roughness to slow or increase the flow of water over the systems surface. The fabric forms can adapt to minor variations in the contours of the underlying soil, which, according to the company, provides greater resistance to undercutting and toe scour. The range of forms-Filter Point, Uniform Section, Articulating Block Mats, and Vegetated Mats-allow for relief of hydrostatic pressure, containment of fluids in channels or ponds, adaptation to uneven settlement, or establishment of vegetation within the installed erosion control structure. The lightweight Texicon fabric forms and locally obtained structural grout eases installation and cuts costs.

Hesco Bastion USA LLC
HescoBastion USAs Concertainer is a prefabricated, multi-cellular system made of galvanized steel weldmesh and lined with non-woven polypropylene geotextile. The units are delivered flat-packed on pallets, then joined, extended, and filled onsite with sand, gravel, dirt, concrete, dredge material, or construction and demolition debris to form barriers for erosion control, coastal restoration, flood protection, and levee or bank stabilization. According to the company, two men using Concertainers and a front-end loader can build a wall 3 feet high, 3 feet wide, and 10 feet long in about 20 minutes. The units are available in heights of 2, 3, or 4 feet, and can be stacked in a variety of configurations to achieve the desired width and height. When filled with soil, Concertainers can support vegetation.

Hilfiker Retaining Walls
ArtWeld Gabions from Hilfiker Retaining Walls feature zinc-coated, welded wire fabric in 11 gauge or 9 gauge wire with a 3-inch by 3-inch mesh. According to Hilfiker, the welded wire wont collapse as easily as woven mesh, provides a longer service life and a tougher face for severe environment applications, and can be cut with bolt cutters to any size or shape to meet site conditions without losing the baskets structural integrity. Spiral binders are screwed down the edges of the mesh segments to form each basket. A 6-foot by 3-foot by 3-foot basket typically takes less than 5 minutes to unfold and set up ready to fill. Baskets as large as 24 feet by 6 feet by 3 feet are available.

Mat, Inc.
Mat, Inc.s hydraulically applied Soil Guard erosion control system conforms to the contours of the ground and dries to form a flexible, bonded fiber matrix that, according to the company, can be rewet repeatedly and can hold soil and seed without eroding. Soil Guard, made from a blend of wood fibers, a natural binding agent, and a mix of organic and mineral activators, is fully biodegradable and leaves no harmful residues. Its porous, flexible structure absorbs rainfall and reduces the volume of stormwater runoff, as well as the amount of sediment carried by the runoff. No special site preparation is required, the company says, and installation requires less labor and time than erosion control blankets.

Nedia Enterprises, Inc.
Nedia Enterprises KoirWrap 1000 is a double-layered, woven erosion control coir fabric designed for fabric-encapsulated soil construction to stabilize streambanks and steep slopes. This bioengineering technique uses high-density planting of willow cuttings, native seeds, and in many cases, a reinforced stone toe to protect against scour. As the coir fabric degrades, the planted vegetation provides erosion protection and stability. KoirWrap 1000 is available in 10-foot by 83-foot rolls.

North American Green
North American Green recently released the sixth upgrade of the companys Erosion Control Materials Design Software-ECMDS 4.3-accompanied by its new Ultimate Assurance Guarantee. EMCDS 4.3, based on the Federal Highway Administrations HEC #15, the U.S. Department of Agricultures Handbook #667, and the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, enables engineers to design erosion control BMPs to meet NPDES regulations. The program includes updated design information, and incorporates design values for all North American Green rolled erosion control products, vegetation, and various sizes of riprap. ECMDS 4.3 can be accessed online or downloaded at Using the program to specify products enables projects to be covered by the companys Ultimate Assurance Guarantee, which covers replacement of any North American Green product that fails to control soil loss effectively. Replacement includes the next higher-performance product, as well as the cost of seed, fertilizer, and topsoil lost because of product failure.

Penda Corporation
Penda Corporations SmartDitch is a corrugated, high-density polyethylene ditch-lining system designed to fit into the meandering course of an existing ditch to prevent channel erosion, or to manage irrigation or stormwater. Liner segments, available in 36- or 24-inch semi-circular designs or a 76-inch-wide trapezoidal system, weigh 45 pounds and 100 pounds, respectively, and can be carried by one or two people. Segments overlap and are connected with eight pins using hand tools and are anchored with stakes and cables. SmartDitch can adapt to horizontal and vertical curves and can be installed as an original liner for earthen ditches or over existing concrete-lined ditches.

Profile Products LLC
Profile Products recently introduced Futerra F4 Netless Erosion Control and Revegetation Blanket to provide golf courses with erosion control and seed germination without the netting that can entangle wildlife and damage mowing equipment. Futerra F4 bonds to the soil surface, according to the company, to prevent washouts and seed migration for as long as a year. The product weighs less than any erosion control blanket on the market, Profile Products says, requires fewer staples, and offers greater dimensional stability. One truckload of Futerra F4 Netless covers 5 acres, compared with a truckload of sod, which covers less than 1/4 acre. Additionally, two people can lay 6,000 square feet of Futerra F4 Netless in one hour.

RoLanka International, Inc.
RoLanka Interna-tionals BioD-Watl coir wattles are made from cleaned, mattress coir fiber uniformly packed into durable, biodegradable, coir twine netting. BioD-Watl is available in 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, and 20-inch diameters. With a functional life of two years, according to the company, it provides an efficient, environmentally friendly, reusable, and economical solution for sediment control, stormwater management, and temporary check dams. In addition, after construction, the coir wattles can be used onsite as mulch, eliminating the need to haul the remnants off site.

SI Geosolutions
SI Geosolutions offers Pyramat, a permanent, non-degradable, rolled erosion control product composed of UV-stabilized, synthetic fibers that are processed into a 3-D matrix. The turf reinforcement mat uses what the company calls X3 fiber technology that provides more than 40 percent greater surface area and creates a thick matrix with numerous void spaces for trapping water, soil, and seed. According to SI Geosolutions, tests-using Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) Draft Test Method #4-indicated that Pyramat facilitated a 50-percent increase in seed germination and plant growth during the first 21 days after placement. Using ECTC Draft Test Method #3, Pyramat reduced soil loss by 30 percent under unvegetated, high shear stress water flow conditions.

Salix Applied Earthcare
Salix Applied Earthcares Erosion Draw 5.0 provides erosion control standards and construction drawings on a CD-ROM. It includes a collection of CAD drawing files for key design features, such as energy dissipaters, grass-lined channels, riprap, streambank stabilization, and gabions, that are ready to insert into site design plans. Typical drawings include dimensions, sections, and construction details. All drawing files are provided in DWG format for AutoCAD, DGN format for Microstation, and DOC format for Word, as well as in TXT format.

United States Gypsum Company
United States Gypsum Companys Enviro-Shield brand bonded fiber matrix is designed to be spray-applied with conventional hydraulic seeding equipment. According to the company, it is the only product of its type that incorporates gypsum plaster as part of the mix, which supplies calcium and sulfur as nutrients to the soil, enhances the structure of heavy clay and sand soils, and buffers soil pH. Enviro-Shields blend of fibers and bonding ingredients creates a protective crust that minimizes erosion and enhances seed germination, while matrix components retain moisture for plant growth. The product is biodegradable and, according to the company, is harmless to fish, birds, plants, and animals.

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